What is the best home remedy for aphids on roses?

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Rose aphid is a very common disease with many varieties. Factors causing aphid disease in roses; cotton aphid, ash aphid, birch aphid, elm aphid, willow aphid, peach aphid, plum aphid, honeysuckle aphid, oak aphid, Apple aphid. These diseases can be fed from many plant species together with rose plants. These are the types of damage: Aphids suck the sap of the plant by inserting their proboscis into the plant tissue with their stinging sucking mouth structure.

What are the symptoms of rose lice disease?

How to recognize rose lice? They are found in colonies in shoot buds, leaves and sometimes in plant stems. In cases where it is dense, the normal development of rose buds stops, shrinkage, rotation and sprain occur in the leaves whose sap is absorbed. These damages occur especially on young shoots and leaves. This disease inhibits the development of the plant, deforms the fruit and leaves, causes galls on the leaf, stem and sick root. Many species of aphids secrete a sticky, sweet honey-like substance where they feed. This substance falls on the fruit, branches and leaves of the plant. Later, it forms a brown foggy mushroom layer here. In addition, they cause the transmission of viruses and other vectors to the plant during their feeding. It attracts creatures such as flies, ants and wasps.

What is the best way to get rid of aphids on roses?

Measures to be taken for rose lice; Cultural measures to be taken against aphids in rose plants It is very important to purify rose plants from weeds, tillage, irrigation and fertilization on time. It is very important to avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization and not to contact with pressurized water. It is possible to get rid of aphids with household materials. For this, you can prepare a homemade aphid remedy at home. The materials needed to prepare it; some dish soap and water. Mix the two and spray the leaves of the plants with the help of spray. In this way, it is possible to get rid of aphids. In addition, instead of dish soap; Arabic soap and vinegar can also be used. If aphids infecting roses are transmitted from fruit trees; Branches with lice on fruit trees should be pruned.

Natural remedies for aphids on roses

  • Mix some aspirin with some water. After the aspirins have melted, pour this mixture into the soil of the plant. This mixture both nourishes the plant and helps to repel aphids and insects living on the plant.
  • Vinegar is one of the easiest ways to apply at home. Some vinegar is diluted with water. Then it is sprayed on the leaves of the plant with aphids with the help of a sprayer. The vinegar will remove the aphids.
  • A spoonful of soapy water is diluted with some water and sprayed on the leaves of the plants with aphids with the help of a sprayer. In this way, aphids are cleaned.
  • Tomato is a vegetable used as an insecticide. Finely chop the leaves of the tomato and mix them with the same amount of water. Let this mixture sit for 24 hours. Pour the same amount of water into it again and pour this mixture into the soil with aphids.
  • A few peeled garlics are planted in the soil of the infested plant. With this method, lice are cleaned.

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