How is tree pruning done in Hungary?

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The best time for good tree pruning in Hungary is in the months after the trees have leaves out. One of the requirements of fruit and vineyard cultivation in the modern sense, i.e. quality and high yields is also pruning according to the rules. Pruning, cutting, bending applied to living above-ground organs, processes such as bud, shoot and leaf removal. All these processes are used for yield and development in plants. establishing a physiological balance between the two and maintaining it for as long as possible. for the purpose of pruning. Although the objectives of pruning are interpreted differently by different researchers, these are can be summarized as follows:

  • To bring crops into production as soon as possible and to keep them in the productive age for a long time;
  • To maintain a sound developmental relationship between the above and below-ground organs of plants establishing balance;
  • Tillage, pruning, harvesting, disease and pest control works to facilitate
  • Provide adequate lighting to enhance carbon assimilation in plants; and increase leaf area in a balanced way;
  • To prevent or reduce periodicity in some plants;
  • Regulate crop yield and quality

Fruit tree pruning in Hungary

Successful pruning can only be achieved by having a good knowledge of physiology, plant to recognize and fully assess ecological factors. Fruit trees and vines Since their physiological characteristics and anatomical structures are quite different from each other Pruning is also quite different in both form and method. However, in fruit and pruning applied in vineyards can be generally divided into three according to their purposes.

  1. Shape pruning,
  2. Crop pruning,
  3. Rejuvenation pruning.

Pruning street trees in Hungary

All park and garden trees, road trees, private and state-owned properties in the city trees or tree communities, groves that are remnants of former natural forests, historical sites trees, some of which are monumental, and the city different urban ecosystems. All the trees that have been brought in are included in the concept of “urban forest” or “urban tree” and they constitute our problematic objects. During the pruning of urban trees, it is important to consider The principles to be kept and the pruning technique are explained below.

When is tree pruning done in Hungary Hungary Tree Felling

Professional tree pruning in Hungary Stand (trees) in natural forests with a social approach that addresses the whole whereas in urban trees it’s more rather than an individual approach. In cities each tree subject to pruning is handled separately and depending on the situation, different pruning is subjected to.

The first thing to be done in cities is to remove completely dried (standing dry) trees in the city from the base. cut away and remove the dry parts of the tops of those whose tops have collapsed or dried up removal by proper pruning from the base. Dry branches and tops during the vegetation period it is possible to see it easily.

In cases where pruning is necessary, it should not be delayed too long, and the intervention should be carried out before the branches thicken too much. Otherwise, large (wide) wound (cut) lines will be formed and the wounds will become “callus”. with the formation of the formation becomes difficult to close. Pruning of branches with a base thickness of up to 4-5 cm then, the wounds usually close within a few years. In this case, the wound surfaces there is no need to apply any preservatives. Protective agents for large wounds It is imperative to apply it. Otherwise, fungus from wounds that cannot be closed in a short time and insect infection takes place, rotting and hollowing out the trunks of trees.

The importance of the tools to be used for tree pruning in Hungary; sharp and suitable tools should be used for pruning, the cutting surface should be shiny and smooth, fringe or beard formation should not occur, seat on the trunk (spur, elbow) should not be left. (Knots and horns left on the trunk during pruning delay the closure of the wound.) However, when pruning, the bark or trunk should not be injured by a deep cut. fruit tree pruning in Hungary, pine tree pruning in Hungary, spruce tree pruning in Hungary, cherry tree pruning in Hungary, apple tree pruning in Hungary, lemon tree pruning in Hungary, pear tree pruning in Hungary, tree pruning prices in Hungary, when to prune trees in Hungary…

How are coniferous trees pruned in Hungary?

What are the considerations for pine tree pruning, spruce tree pruning in Hungary. Coniferous trees, especially the lower branches, dry out due to light starvation, which leads to unhealthy and creates an unaesthetic appearance. These branches are removed by dry pruning from the bottom upwards, from the base and should be removed with a smooth cut. Dying (semi-living) branches in the lower part of the crown subjected to the same treatment. In the meantime, spurs (elbows) left over from old pruning or drying are removed, seats) are also removed by cutting at the base and neatly. Dry pruning is used in almost all can be done seasonally.

Thin old branches with a thickness of no more than 4-5 cm can be cut from the base and removed at once. There is also no need to apply any preservative to the wound surfaces left by them. This can be done by wounds can close in 1-2 years with callus formation. It is not correct to cut thick branches at once. First, the tip 1/3 of the branch (leafy part) should be cut off and removed, if necessary on the trunk. the remaining thick stalk should be cut once more in the center and the well-lighted branch should be cut off adjacent to the trunk the last part should be cut smoothly at the base. In this way, “gradual pruning” is applied to thick branches. happens. Tree pruning in Hungary >>

When pruning thick branches, make a partial cut on the side of the branch close to the trunk and from below before cutting at the base. cut, then the heavy part of the branch with a cut 4-5 cm from the top and 4-5 cm from the top must be removed. Afterwards spur remaining on the body (elbow, armpit) also from the bottom and must be cut neatly.