What are the plants that grow in Turkmenistan?

Turkmenistan Plants

Different plants grow in each country. In the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan, different unique plants are grown. Products grown in Turkmenistan, neir in Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan income, Turkmenistan vegetation, Turkmenistan fruits, Turkmenistan Flowers, Turkmenistan Trees, Turkmenistan shrubs, Turkmenistan shrub forests, Turkmenistan agriculture, Turkmenistan vegetables. What grows in Turkmenistan?

Names of plants that can grow in Turkmenistan

  1. Cotton: It is one of the most grown agricultural products in Turkmenistan. Cotton has an important place in the economy of Turkmenistan, which is based on agriculture. Turkmenistan cotton has a worldwide importance. Although it is a geography covered with deserts, agriculture is important.
  2. Vaharman Melon: A type of melon grown in Turkmenistan. Pretty tasty. With melon, great contributions are made to the economy. The place of melon is important in Turkmenistan.
  3. Gulabi Melon: This type of melon grown in the Lebap province of Turkmenistan is also different. A melon special to Lebap province. It tastes pretty good. It is a type of melon that grows without the need for water in an environment where the temperature exceeds 60 degrees.
  4. Wheat: It is one of the main livelihoods of Turkmenistan. It is known that the Turkmen state has made a great effort to increase wheat production in recent years.
  5. Watermelon: Turkmenistan watermelon is sweet and sugary. Watermelon grows in all regions where melons are grown.

Trees grown in Turkmenistan?

Banana, tangerine and orange trees do not grow in Turkmenistan. According to the information received from the citizens of Turkmenistan, the following trees are grown in Turkmenistan. What are Turkmenistan trees?

  • Grape Tree: There is a wide variety of grape varieties in Turkmenistan. Black and White grapes are grown in Turkmenistan. In some provinces, it is located in every vineyard and winter quarters.
  • Apple Tree: All apple varieties are available in Turkmenistan. According to the information received from Turkmen citizens, various types of apples are grown.
  • Apricot Tree: Apricot grows in various regions of Turkmenistan.
  • Pomegranate Tree: Turkmenistan pomegranate tree grows in certain regions. Trees produce fruitful products.
Names of plants that can grow in Turkmenistan

What grows in Turkmenistan? 70,000 hectares of land has been allocated for long-term use to private companies that want to operate in the Turkmenistan Agriculture sector. A significant increase has been achieved in the production volume of fruit and vegetable forage crops in these lands. About 8 million fruit trees were planted on an area of ​​8 thousand hectares. Since February, elite varieties of peach, pear, apricot, cherry and almond trees have been planted on 1,600 hectares of land. A significant amount of land has been allocated for grapes. Turkmenistan Plant >>