What months are summer time in Australia?

Australia has 6 months of summer from October to April and 6 months of winter from April to October. Climate in Australia
Australia experiences dry periods and humid periods throughout the year. In general, the country has a tropical climate, while the Mediterranean climate prevails in the south-west. Ocean movements also affect the country’s climate, and wind and fluctuations in the ocean can cause sudden changes in the weather. How many months of winter is Australia? Australia experiences winter between May and October. The lowest temperatures recorded in the country are seen in July.

How many seasons are there in Australia? It is winter in Australia from May to October, with July being the lowest temperature in the whole country. Temperatures vary between -5 degrees and 30 degrees depending on the region. From November to April, it is summer in Australia, with average temperatures between 15-35 degrees.

What is the Climate of Australia?

What months are summer time in Australia

In Australia, December-January-February is summer; March-April-May is fall; June-July-August is winter; and September-October-November is spring. The climate distribution is the opposite of that in the Northern Hemisphere. January is the hottest month. Since the region where Melburn and Sydney are located corresponds approximately to the latitude where Turkey is located, a similarity can be established between the climates. In this respect, Canberra has similar characteristics to Ankara’s climate. Like Ankara, the city, which is 800-850 meters above sea level, has a continental climate. There are large temperature differences between day and night. It can be said that Canberra is generally a sunny city with little rainfall. However, sudden changes in the weather are not unusual. It rarely snows in winter. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius in summer and minus 7 degrees Celsius at night in winter. The humidity is reasonable.

Geographical Location of Australia

Australia is the fifth continent of the world and a continental country located in the southern hemisphere between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. With an area of 7,682,300 square kilometers, it is approximately ten times the size of Turkey and the distance between its eastern and western ends is equal to the distance between Madrid and Moscow. 40% of the country lies between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator. Since it is one of the oldest continents in the world, it has a generally flat terrain, except in the southeast, which is covered with old mountains. The average altitude does not exceed 300 meters. The highest point is Mount Kosciusko, 2230 meters above sea level. The humidity is reasonable.