Grass planting time varies by region. In the state of Washington, according to the weather conditions, the sowing time of winter grass seeds into the ground is between September and October. March and April are suitable for planting grass in the ground in the summer in Washington. The temperature of the soil is important in grass planting. The temperature of the soil should be between 20 C0 and 25 C0 for winter grass seeds. In summer grass seeds, it should be up to 30 C0.

What season is lawn planting in Washington?

In Washington state, the ideal time for lawn planting largely depends on the specific region and climate. Washington has diverse climates, ranging from the wetter western part to the drier eastern part. Here are some general guidelines for lawn planting in different regions of Washington:

  1. Western Washington (Including Seattle and Puget Sound Area):
    • Cool-season grasses: Western Washington has a maritime climate, with mild, wet winters and cool summers. Cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, and perennial ryegrass thrive in this region. The best time for lawn planting is during the cooler and wetter seasons of spring (March to May) and early fall (September to October).
    • Avoid summer planting: It’s generally recommended to avoid lawn planting in the hot and dry summer months, as establishing new lawns can be challenging due to increased water requirements and potential heat stress.
  2. Eastern Washington (Including Spokane and Yakima Area):
    • Transition zone grasses: Eastern Washington has a drier climate with hot summers and cold winters. This region falls within the transition zone, where both cool-season and warm-season grasses can be grown.
    • Timing: The best time for lawn planting in eastern Washington is during the cooler periods of early fall (September to October) or early spring (March to April) when temperatures are more moderate and there is typically more precipitation.
    • Consider warm-season grasses: In the hotter and drier parts of eastern Washington, warm-season grasses like Bermuda grass or buffalo grass can be more suitable due to their drought tolerance and ability to withstand high temperatures.

It’s important to note that the specific timing for lawn planting can vary depending on the current weather conditions and the type of grass you intend to plant. Factors such as soil preparation, irrigation, and maintenance practices are also crucial for successful lawn establishment. Consulting with local nurseries, garden centers, or extension offices can provide more tailored advice based on your specific location within Washington.

How Should Soil Preparation Be Made Before Grass Planting?

First, the hard layer of the soil should be softened. For this, the soil must be hoeed. Then, clods and stones should be collected with the help of a rake and a flat ground should be created. If there are weeds in the soil, it is necessary to get rid of weeds by using weed medicine before hoeing. It has been observed that better results are obtained if hoeing is done after the weeds are dried with the drug. What kind of soil should we use in the area where grass will be planted? The characteristics of the soil to be used in grass planting are important. It is most appropriate to use soil with high water holding capacity in the lawn.

How Much Soil Should Be Processed and Prepared Before Grass Planting?

If the soil is cultivated up to 13-15 cm in depth in the area where the grass will be planted before sowing the grass, a healthier and more robust grass structure will be formed since the roots of the grass to be planted will move more freely and comfortably in the soil.

When should I plant grass seed in WA?

In Washington, the sowing time of winter grass seeds into the ground is done between September and October, according to seasonal conditions. March and April are the best times to plant grass in the ground during the summer in Washington.

When should I plant grass seed in Washington?

How Much Should Grass Seed Be Per Square Meter? In general, it is recommended to use up to 50 g of grass seeds per square meter area.

Is natural fertilizer good for lawn planting?

The use of animal manure is not suitable in lawn areas. The main reason for this is that the use of animal manure causes weeds to multiply. Even if you use weed medicine, if you use animal manure, weed formation occurs as if you have never used weed medicine. In addition, the use of animal manure in lawn areas triggers the formation of fungal diseases. There are no microelements in animal fertilizers that are useful for grass. The only benefit of animal manure is that it keeps the grass warm and allows the grass to come out easily and quickly. We recommend that you do this with sterile peat as well.

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