What is the most beautiful small tree?

We will give information about the short flowering ornamental trees that beautify the garden and landscape area. What is the prettiest dwarf tree? Dwarf trees and shrubs are plants with different sizes, leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, and fruits. It contains many deciduous and evergreen species. Some plants are thorny while others are thornless. These are plants that add a different color to nature with their different features and are frequently used in landscaping works. The main dwarf trees and shrubs are:

Names of short flowering garden ornamental trees

  1. Golden  Bowl; It is a yellow blooming plant.
  2. Fire Thorn; It is one of the shrubs belonging to the rose family, which remains green in summer and winter.
  3. Spring Branch;
  4. Heather; Calluna vulgaris, It reaches a length of approximately one meter in low sun or shaded environments. The pinkish flowers of this plant, which begins to bloom in the fall, resemble bells.
  5. Elderberry; Genus of shrubs and shrubs with 5 to 30 species from the Adoxaceae family.
  6. Median;
  7. Peony;
  8. Euonymus sp; They are deciduous and evergreen shrubs and shrubs with about 180 species. The leaves are oval shaped and the leaf margins are toothed, and can be green, yellow, variegated, golden, silvery.
  9. Oleander; commonly known as oleander or nerium, is a shrub or small tree cultivated as an ornamental and landscape plant in temperate and subtropical regions of the world.
What is the most beautiful small tree

Short flowering trees; Such small trees are mostly seen in parks and gardens. If you have a suitable area, you can make your garden visually better by planting these trees. What is the most beautiful ornamental tree? What are the smallest flowering trees? What is the best small tree to plant near the house? You can plant the flowering ones of these small trees in your garden. These trees, which bloom in spring, add beauty to your garden. They are not difficult to maintain. Which small tree is the best?

Names of short flowering garden ornamental trees

What are the most beautiful garden ornamental trees?

  1. Acacia; Most of them are in the form of shrubs or trees, some in the form of bushes. Subtropical and tropical grown in the regions. There are evergreen and summer green varieties. With or without thorns it could be. The leaves are in the form of compound hairy leaves and consist of many leaflets. has arrived. Its flowers are very showy. In addition, the flowers are yellow in color, small and fragrant.
  2. Acer; It is mostly in the form of trees and shrubs, and sometimes in the form of shrubs. Almost all of them are green in summer. It grows in the northern hemisphere. There are more than 100 species. The most important feature is the seeds It is bi-winged and found in clusters. Also, the leaves are arranged opposite each other.
  3. Aesculus; They are deciduous trees and shrubs with about thirteen species. usually large are trees. Its flowers are in the form of a cluster and open in May. It has showy flowers. Various showy flowers clustered upwards, blooming abundantly and in clusters It is a decorative tree. There are varieties with red, yellow, pink and white blooms.
  4. Catalpa; It grows naturally in North America. Showy flowers and beautiful This plant, which is used in the landscape due to its leaves, is also known as a cigar tree or a cigarette tree. known. It has a short stem, rounded and sparse crown. It is a green plant in summer. leaves heart-shaped, pointed, 10 – 20 cm in width and length. leaves are opposite each other lined up. Leaf color is light green.
  5. Fagus; It naturally lives in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Japan and Turkey. They are tall, broad-domed trees with strong crests. Smooth, gray bark and green in summer are trees. It has many roots. The leaves are flat and oval in shape.
  6. Liquidamber; It grows naturally in Asia, America and meanwhile in Turkey. up to 20 – 30 m can be grown. They are round-topped trees that shed their leaves in winter. trunk shells When injured, balm channels form and a fragrant liquid called sweetgum oil flows from the wounds.
  7. Magnolia; They live naturally in Asia, North and Central America. up to 80 types exists. It is in the form of evergreen or summer green trees and shrubs. leaves large, stalked. Its flowers are eye-catching. Flower colors are white, magenta, pink, purple and yellow it could be.
  8. Malus; About 25 varieties of ornamental / flower apples grown in Europe, Asia and America exists. They are plants that grow up to 3-12 m. Their cultural forms over time returns to the rootstock. Growing and breeding of ornamental apples, especially in America is being studied.
  9. Populus; There are about 100 species spread throughout the temperate regions of the world. Natural in our country as it grows. They grow fast. Poplars like alkaline soils. both wet They are trees that can grow both in dry habitats and light sandy soils.
  10. Qercus; About 280 species, including the oak genus, are widely distributed in the northern hemisphere on earth. they show. Many species naturally spread in our country. deciduous oaks red and white oak are divided into two groups. The leaves of the red oak are lobed and dotted, Its forms are pyramidal.
  11. Platanus; It is native to the region from North America to South-east India and Turkey. as it grows. It is a plant with 6-7 species in the world. It grows up to 40 meters tall. Very wide They are crested, tall, thick-branched and very long-lived trees.
  12. Tilia; About 30 species grow in the northern sphere. It is a very good street tree. Clean Air It likes moist and deep soils. It is mostly summer green. for a thousand years can live. Shorts Tree >>