The Swedish tulip flower is a plant that usually grows very quickly and is so easy to care for. For this reason, it is among the plant species that we can see a lot in the showcases of florists. The tulip genus from the Liliaceae family is an ornamental plant that draws attention with its colorful and elegant flowers. Its leaves, which extend from the level close to the root, are strip-shaped, green in color, narrow or wide. It has simple or multilayered flowers that open at the end of a solid stem in spring. While the natural type is yellow and red, in cultivated species, even and mottled tulip flowers in many colors, even dark blue close to black, have been obtained. Definition of tulip; Latin name: Tulipa sp Family: Liliaceae Homeland of Tulip: Asia.

Types of Tulips Growing in Sweden

What countries do tulips grow in? Tulip is a bulbous plant. in the mountainous regions of Anatolia (Turkey) , the Caucasus and It can naturally grow at altitudes up to 4000 m in the Himalayas. dry in summer and can live naturally in hot and cold and humid regions in winter. A wide variety of tulips were obtained by crossing natural tulips. Today, 5544 varieties tulip types are available. Of these, there are only 20 varieties with commercial value. Can Tulips grow anywhere in Sweden?

Can tulips grow in Sweden

Tulips in Sweden; Tulips grow almost everywhere. Tulips can also be grown in Sweden. If you plant tulip bulbs in suitable climates, tulips will also grow in Sweden. What soil is suitable for tulips in Sweden? Stone-free, sandy-loamy, lime-free and pH 7 average in tulip plant cultivation soils are preferred. The soil should be well prepared before planting, without clods and flat. After the necessary soil analyzes are made and the nutrients needed by the plant, It is recommended to fertilize after the amounts are determined. Usually 2-3 after planting 40 k weeks ago. Fertilizing with ammonium sulphate is done with the calculation of composite fertilizer.

What are the characteristics of tulips grown in Sweden?

How to plant tulips in Sweden? If the tulip plant is to be grown as a cut flower, the onion size is 12 cm. should be. Planting frequency should be adjusted according to plant variety and leaf development. Small-leaved varieties can be planted frequently. About 200 onions are planted per square meter. Large-leaf cultivars sparse planting should be done. After the onions are planted in the ground, 1.5-2 cm. soil must remain. Sandy It is possible to plant deeper in the soil.

At what temperature do tulips grow in Sweden? In tulip cultivation, the temperature changes according to the flowering time. In early breeding The soil temperature should not exceed 16 0C and the temperature of the air between the plants should not exceed 18 0C. In late plantings, the soil temperature should be 9-10 0C for the first 4-5 days. In December plantings Soil temperature should be 13 0C and air temperature should be 15 0C. What temperature can tulips survive in Sweden?

What types of tulips can be grown in Sweden?

  1. Tulipa agenensis DC.
  2. Tulipa orphanidea
  3. Tulipa cinnabarina
  4. Tulipa aleppensis
  5. Tulipa Praecox Ten
  6. Tulipa saxatilis Sieber
  7. Tulipa sylvestris L.
  8. Tulipa turcica Griseb
  9. Tulipa undulatifolia Boiss
  10. Tulipa biflora Palas
  11. Tulipa armena Boiss
  12. Tulipa Julia C.Koch

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