How far back should you cut a tree branch?

When pruning trees, you need to pay attention to some criteria. This is especially important for fruit trees. When you decide to cut a branch of a tree, the reasons are important. Fruit trees usually need to be cut 3-5 cm close to the tree. This depends on the type of tree and the purpose of the cut. If you want to do a pruning, you need to have knowledge of pruning according to the type of tree.

In pruning One of the most important points is made without disturbing the balance of the tree. Pruning is done to allow as much light to enter the parts as possible. With pruning, unwanted and damaged branches on the tree are pruned. In addition, fruit eyes on the tree and branches affect the severity of pruning. For example, 3 meters. While the area shaded by a tree sized 1.6% is It is 24.4% in a 6.5 m tree. The tree shape is also the sun of the tree affects the utilization of light. Cone-shaped trees are the most exposed to the sun.

How close to the trunk should you cut a branch?

Tree branches are cut at least 1 cm from the trunk of the tree. It is very important to carry out such pruning. Tree pruning at the right time is very beneficial. Where should you prune a tree branch? The branches of the fruit tree should be cut at a distance of 1 cm. Branches cut longer than 5 cm grow back. Growing vigorously, emerging from the old parts of the tree, loosely textured branches that do not form flower eyes It is cut from 1 cm to 3 cm. Tree branch pruning distance >>

How far back should you cut a tree branch?

How far are thick branches cut? When pruning thick branches, take a partial cut of the branch close to the trunk and from below before cutting from the bottom. Then the heavy part of the branch with a cut 4-5 cm from it and from the top should be removed. Later on the rest of the branches also from below and should be cut properly. So that very thick and heavy branches It is cut without damaging the tree. Sometimes very thick and heavy branches, sturdy after suspending with ropes may need to be pruned. Like this many dangers averted and both the pruned branches while falling rapidly healthy branches that need to be damaged does not see.

After cutting large branches, putty should be applied to the cut and damaged areas. These “protective wood putties”, “pine tar”, “carbolineum”, creso, shellac or shellac (Schellac). These items successful (fast) if applied immediately after pruning result is received. Sometimes applying the protector several times may be required.

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