Positive components such as a balanced diet, exercise, stress-free living and fresh air can prolong human life. A balanced intake of all nutrients is the first prerequisite for a healthy diet. In addition, some foods are very valuable for the human body because of the substances they contain. It is important to learn about these foods and the substances they contain for natural antibiotics, natural antidepressants and natural medicines. One of the antibiotics in our kitchen is garlic.

What are the Benefits of Garlic? What is Good for Swallowing Garlic? Garlic, which is consumed raw and cooked, is a plant. The benefits of garlic, popularly known as natural antibiotics, are countless. Garlic is also fresh. Garlic, which is used for both health and flavoring dishes, has antibacterial properties. Thanks to the feature in question, it protects the body against infections. Swallowing garlic acts as a protective shield against colds, especially in winter. Garlic has benefits for hair, cancer, sexuality and chronic diseases.

What is the benefits of eating garlic

Swallowing a clove of garlic, which is one of the bulbous plant species, in the morning has many benefits for human health. Swallowing garlic raw provides antibiotic properties. Garlic, which has a pungent odor, has many benefits for sexuality, hair and nails.

What are the Best Benefits of Garlic?

Garlic can be used raw or cooked. It is especially more effective when used raw. Garlic can be used by swallowing according to the condition of the disease or the structure of the skin, as well as by crushing it into cream. In some cases, it can also be used with other mixtures such as honey and lemon.

  • Prevents fungus formation,
  • It has a delaying effect on aging,
  • It is used in acne treatment thanks to its prevention of fungus formation,
  • Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it keeps the skin young,
  • Fights cancer thanks to selenium minerals.
  • It provides a healthy blood circulation as it contains salicylate,
  • It is effective in removing nail yellowing,
  • Regulates blood pressure, relaxes heart rhythm,
  • It is a natural remedy against hair loss,
  • It prevents vascular occlusion,
  • Its sulfur content relaxes the circulatory system,
  • It is used against flu and colds with the vitamins it contains,
  • It is good for cough with its expectorant effect,
  • It protects the body against viruses with its antifungal effect,
  • It is good for muscle disorders,
  • Increases sexual performance with its aphrodisiac effect,
  • It is good for inflammatory diseases with its antibiotic effect,
  • It prevents cancer cells from spreading throughout the body,
  • It is an effective weapon against constipation,
  • It keeps the iron level in the body in balance.

How should garlic be consumed? When garlic is mostly consumed raw, its nutritional values are utilized at the maximum level. It should be crushed and consumed after waiting for a few minutes and should not be cooked for a long time. If garlic is added to meals after cooking, its nutritional value is not destroyed.

What are the Best Benefits of Garlic

How Is Raw Garlic Good for Hair? Sulfur is very important for hair health. It is also abundant in garlic. Sulfur, which is rich in keratin, provides hair production. In this respect, garlic is very effective in hair growth. Today, it is for this reason that garlic shampoos and conditioners have started to be produced intensively. Garlic contains plenty of calcium in its content. This allows the hair to grow smoothly and prevents it from falling out.

Garlic Prevents Hair Loss 2-3 cloves of garlic are kept in olive oil for 1 week. With the garlic oil obtained, the hair is massaged 2-3 times a week. In this way, it is observed that the hair loss problem is eliminated and healthier and lush hair is formed.

How Is Garlic Good for Stretch Marks? Garlic helps to alleviate and reduce skin cracks. Half a tablespoon of crushed garlic juice is mixed with herbal oils used in the treatment of stretch marks and massaged into the problem area. After 5-10 minutes of massage, the skin is washed. By using this application 3 times a week, you can alleviate your skin cracks.

What are the Benefits of Garlic for Nail? Garlic is very effective on removing nail yellowing. 2 cloves of garlic should be crushed and applied on the nail and left for 5 minutes. When this process is applied 2 times a week, it is observed that the yellowing of the nails passes and has brighter nails. In addition, crushed garlic strengthens the nail, prevents it from breaking and ensures healthy growth.

THE EFFECT OF GARLIC ON VIRAL INFECTIONS The antibacterial properties and antiviral properties of garlic are very effective in protecting against diseases in winter. For this reason, you can consume plenty of garlic on winter tables.

EFFECT OF GARLIC ON PARASITIC INFECTIONS AND FUNGUS It has long been known that garlic containing allicin is effective against microorganisms such as candida, aspergillus and cryptococci.

BLOOD THINNING EFFECT, The substances contained in garlic make it have an anticoagulant effect on the blood. These properties are important. It is also claimed that garlic significantly reduces the risk of heart attack by reducing the formation of fibrin and plaque in the blood, even more than aspirin.

Garlic is an herbal substance often used as a high blood pressure reducer. When exposed to high levels of pressure, a substance in the body known as nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and causes them to dilate. It also fights against thrombosis by reducing platelet aggregation.

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