What are the characteristics of maquis vegetation, which is widespread on the island of Cyprus? The maquis, which is the natural vegetation of the Mediterranean climate, has emerged as a result of the destruction of forests. The main feature of this vegetation is the changes they have brought about in their structure by adapting to drought in the summer months. These trees are generally small and their leaves are hard, slippery and small like oak.

Cyprus is a great place to grow a variety of plants! The Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and mild winters, provides ideal conditions for many plants to thrive. Cyprus’s Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters is perfect for many plants. Here are some popular ones:

  • Oleander (Nerium oleander):This shrub or small tree is a Cypriot favorite, known for its beautiful clusters of pink flowers. Be aware though, all parts of the Oleander are poisonous.
  • Lemon (Citrus limon):You can’t go wrong with fresh lemons! Lemons grow well in Cyprus’s climate and are a popular fruit to grow at home.
  • Common Fig (Ficus carica):Fresh figs are a delicious treat, and the common fig grows well in Cyprus.
  • Golden Dewdrop (Duranta erecta):This vibrant flowering shrub adds a touch of color to Cypriot gardens with its purple, blue, or white blooms.
  • Paperflower (Bougainvillea):This popular flowering vine comes in a variety of colors and adds a dramatic touch to homes and gardens.
  • Peppers (Capsicum annuum): For those who like a little spice, peppers are a popular choice to grow at home in Cyprus.

These are just a few examples of the popular plants grown in Cyprus. The island’s climate and diverse flora offer a wide range of plant options for gardening enthusiasts and those seeking to create beautiful and aromatic landscapes.

We will give information about popular plants growing in Cyprus. Cyprus is an island country. There are many beautiful plant species on the island of Cyprus. In addition to a wide variety of flowers, trees, shrubs, shrubs, endemic plants growing in Cyprus, fruit trees and non-fruiting tree species grow. Even all the plants of the island of Cyprus contain endemic plant species. In addition to fruit and vegetable varieties unique to Cyprus, tree species, flowers, shrubs and shrubs are grown. Endemic Plants of Cyprus Cyprus Orchid; 30 of the known orchid species in the world grow only in Cyprus. There are over 20 endemic plant species in Cyprus. There are endemic plants that grow only in Cyprus, not in other parts of the world. More than 2000 plants grow in Cyprus.

Varieties of flowers grown in Cyprus

Which plants grow in Cyprus? The plant species that grow in Cyprus are not just what is written here. There are over 2000 plant species in the whole island of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is famous for its flowers. All plants can grow on the island of Cyprus. Cyprus Plants >>

cyprus plants, cyprus flowers
  • Agrostis cypricola.
  • Allium cupani ssp
  • Allium willeanum.
  • Alyssum chondrogynum.
  • Anthemis tricolor
  • Asperula cypria.
  • Astragalus cyprius
  • Astragalus macrocarpus ssp
  • Astragalus suberosus
  • Ballota integrifolia
  • Bosea cypria.
  • Brassica hilarionis.
  • Bupleurum sintenisii.
  • Carlina pygmaea.
  • Centranthus calcitrapa ssp.
  • Crocus hartmannianus.
  • Crocus veneris.
  • Cyclamen cyprium.
  • Delphinium caseyi.
  • Dianthus cyprius.
  • Dianthus strictus
  • Ferulago cypria.
  • Gagea juliae.
  • Gladiolus triphyllus.
  • Hedysarum cyprium.
  • Helianthemum obtusifolium.
  • Hypericum repens.
  • Limonium albidum ssp.
  • Malcolmia nana
  • Mentha longifolia ssp.
  • Odontides cypria.
  • Onopordum cyprium.
  • Onosma fruticosum
  • Ophrys kotschyi.
  • Ophrys lapethica.
  • Origanum majorana.
  • Origanum syriacum
  • Phlomis brevibracteata.
  • Phlomis cypria
  • Pimpinella cypria.
  • Pterocephalus multiflorus ssp.
  • Ptilostemon chamaepeuce
  • Ranunculus millefoliatus ssp.
  • Rosularia cypria.
  • Rosularia pallidiflora.
  • Rubia laurae.
  • Salvia veneris.
  • Scilla morrissi.
  • Scutellaria sibthorpii.
  • Sedum lampusae.
  • Sedum porphyreum.
  • Silene fraudatrix.
  • Teucrium cyprium ssp.
  • Teucrium divaricatum ssp.
  • Thymus integer.
  • Tulipa cypria.
  • Verbena supina f.
olive tree in cyprus

What are the important plant species growing in Cyprus?

Popular plants and trees growing in Cyprus, what is the Cyprus flower?

  1. Cistus salvifolius
  2. Orchis Anatolica
  3. Gladiolus Segetum
  4. Scrophulariaceae
  5. Bosea Cypria
  6. Rock Rose
  7. Anagallis Coronaria L
  8. Scraphulariaceae
  9. Tetragonolobus purpureus
  10. Mimosaceae
  11. Tulipa Cypria
  12. Cyprus Bee Orchid
  13. Asphodelus spp.
  14. Pancratum Maritumum
  15. Anemon Coronaria
  16. Lithodora hispidula
  17. Ophrys fusca ssp iricolor
  18. Punlcaceae
  19. Sarcopoterium spinosum
  20. Helianthemum Obtusifolium
  21. Ophrys luteasspga
  22. Compositae
  23. Cupressaceae
  24. Cyclamen Cyprium
  25. Orchis morio ssp.
  26. Liliaceae
  27. Primulaceae
  28. Myrtoceae
  29. Amaryllidaceae
  30. Orchis collina
  31. Oleaceae
Varieties of flowers grown in Cyprus

Plants of Cyprus: It contains endemic and other plant species that Cyprus Island has. Besides various fruits and vegetables, tree species, flowers and other plants are among the beauties to be seen in Cyprus.

The vegetation cover is determined by the Mediterranean climate, and this vegetation includes evergreens, citrus fruits, olive trees, as well as maquis, deciduous trees, dwarf shrubs, trees and shrubs, and various flower types.

The most common forest type tree species are pine, cypress, oak, and later eucalyptus, which was grown on the island in order to prevent Malaria by drying the swamps during the British period. cyprus flowers, orange flower that looks like a sunflower, cyprus pink flowers, cyprus cyclamen, cyprus plants pictures, national flower of cyprus, Does Cyprus produce flowers?, What is the national flower of Cyprus?, What can you grow in Cyprus?, Do roses Grow in Cyprus?,

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Evergreen plants in Cyprus

They do not shed their leaves in this twisted green color. The names of these plants; wild olive, wild carob, wild myrtle, laurel, sandalwood, kermes oak, juniper, gum tree (chinya) and hawthorn. Below these, there are plants such as small and fragrant sage, thyme herb, pregnant (caper) lavender flower, wild daffodil, wild tulip and wild hyacinth.

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