Those who prefer rose plants for landscaping should choose one or more of the following rose species. We will offer you recommended rose varieties that you will choose according to your landscaping area. 

Hedge and ground cover roses; in parterres and borders as a border element and as a decorative material used, a large number of colors over a single color in monochrome design with rose planting and that they have value. 

Climbing and climbing roses; climbing and climbing roses structural landscape element on the border when used in combination with rustic and that the wall in front and in the vertical garden facility by evaluating its winding properties is seen to create a visual feast.

Climbing roses; roses commonly used in garden arrangements and is used in pergolas, columns, on the trunks of old trees. they are effective at wrapping. They have eye-catching colors and grow fast. There are small and abundant blooms as well as large blooms.

How Roses Are Used in Landscaping

Garden border roses; they can be used to cover large areas, as a hedge plant and to separate an area.

Walking cane roses; path determining, target determining features in the parterres on the right and left at the entrances of the building has. It has impressive features that impress people along the road with its smell and color feature. has. It has impressive features that impress people along the road with its smell and color feature. 

Landcape rose

Landscape Roses, Landscape roses are preferred for their not very high height and decorative appearance. It is also possible to create wonderful decorations with landscape roses grown by people who are more interested in rose cultivation. However, they are easier to maintain because they are durable.

How to plant roses? Before you start planting roses, decide what kind of roses you want to plant. Roses are very delicate and demanding flowers. Rose planting is carried out in two ways. It is possible to plant roses through bare roots or with blossoming rose branches. Both methods are planted in the soil.

Landcape rose

How to Plant Bare Root Rose Saplings? When planting bare-root rose seedlings, it is very important to plant them during the growing season. Planting rose roots without flowers on them will also make it possible to give the bush energy to the roots instead of the roses. Thus, by planting bare-root rose seedlings, you can have roses with large and healthy roots.

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