What is Fig Milk? What is figs milk good for?

What are the benefits of fig milk?
May 10, 2024 7 Comments 10 tags

Fig milk is a white liquid that flows from the tip of unripe figs when they are plucked from the branch. This liquid can also come from the fig leaf.

Important fruit species that can be grown in Italy

What fruits grow in Italy, plants grown in Italy
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Italy’s diverse climate, ranging from the Mediterranean in the south to the Alps in the north, allows a wide variety of fruits to thrive. Absolutely, Italy is a prime location

Why do fruit trees bloom?

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The first condition for fruit trees to produce a crop is the formation of flower buds on them. Accordingly, fruit growers must, first and foremost, ensure that there are enough

What are the names of stone fruits?

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Some fruits have seeds. In this content, we have prepared a list of stone fruits. A stone fruit is a fruit with a core inside the fruit. It is especially

How long does it take to bear fruit on a plum tree?

What does fungus look like on a plum tree?
February 3, 2024 0 Comments 11 tags

If a plum sapling is planted with classical rootstock, it will start to bear fruit in 3-4 years, if it is semi-dwarf or dwarf rootstock, it will start to bear

What are the exotic fruits of Indonesia?

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Salacca, native to Indonesia in Southeast Asia, has more than 30 varieties. Also known as snake fruit, yingan, salak, sala and salaka, salacca is fig-shaped and has a brown skin