We will give you information about the most popular indoor plants used in the world. We will provide content and information about indoor plants. The most preferred indoor plants. In order for indoor ornamental plants to develop and be healthy, it is necessary to change the potting soil at regular intervals. Ornamental plants are actually easy to care for. What you need to do for indoor ornamental plants; watering, pruning, fertilizing if necessary aeration. You need to pay attention to these indoor plants that even need the sun. Some of the indoor plant varieties and types of flowers are given below. You can use these types of flowers indoors.

Which is best indoor plant?

There are many species and varieties among indoor ornamental plants. The way these plants are grown and the regions where they are grown differ. For this reason, it is very difficult to make a general definition of indoor ornamental plants. While a plant grown in the climatic conditions of the Central Anatolia Region is defined as an indoor plant, the same plant can be grown outdoors in coastal areas. 

Which is the most beautiful indoor plant?

Plants grown in halls or greenhouses can be defined as indoor ornamental plants. In indoor ornamental plants; beautiful leafy, flowering, fruity, woody and herbaceous plants, some shrub species, wrapping plants, bulbous, tuberous and rhizome plants. Such plants are grown in pots, various containers and crates. They can be used in the decoration of indoor areas such as living rooms, showcases, rooms, corridors in homes. Indoor ornamental plants can also be called potted flowers. Potted flowers are generally produced under controlled greenhouse conditions, grown and offered for sale together with the pot. Which is the most beautiful indoor plant? Which plant is good for indoor home? What plants can be grown indoors? Which plant gives oxygen 24 hours?

Which is the most beautiful indoor plant?

Ornamental plants in this group have vivid colors and attractive flowers. The leaves of these plants are also remarkable. But the main breeding purpose is flowers. It is very important to keep indoor ornamental plants with showy flowers in suitable places in terms of heat and light. Otherwise, negative situations such as fading and yellowing may be encountered. In order for the flowers of these plants to remain alive, maintenance must be done absolutely and on time. The main indoor ornamental plants grown for their flowers are:

  • Poinsettia
  • African violet
  • Azalea
  • chinese rose
  • Bridal veil
  • Camellia
  • Fuchsia
  • Verbena
  • Median
  • Sardinia

How often do I water indoor plants?

One of the important factors in growing indoor ornamental plants is water and humidity. Plants take in nutrients dissolved in water through their roots. They also lose water through perspiration. This water loss is directly related to the proportional air humidity in the environment where the plant is located. If the proportional humidity of the environment where the plant is located is high, the plant’s transpiration rate will be low, and the water requirement will be less. In general, indoor ornamental plants can be grown in places with relative humidity of around 60-70%.

Do indoor plants need direct sunlight?

Light is very important for plants to assimilate, grow and develop. However, light needs may vary according to species and cultivars. The intensity and duration of the light are important. Indoor ornamental plants can be classified as follows in terms of their need for light. Those that thrive in sunny places. Those that thrive in bright places. Those that thrive in semi-shade areas. Those that thrive in shady places. What is the easiest and fastest plant to grow indoors?

How do you keep indoor plants healthy?

Decorative Leafy Indoor Ornamental Plants

Soil: The pH requirements of indoor ornamental plants, the properties of the mortar used in the growing environment, the physical and chemical structure of the soil may differ. For this reason, it is important to make aquaculture by preparing mortar according to the plant request. Temperature: The temperature requirements of indoor ornamental plants vary according to species and varieties. Some plants require higher temperatures, while others can be grown at lower temperatures. In general, if the classification is made for temperatures. Suitable temperature, water, humidity, light and soil are needed for growing indoor plants. However, due to the large number of species and varieties, the climate and soil characteristics of the plants can also vary in indoor ornamental plants cultivation.

Decorative Leafy Indoor Ornamental Plants

Indoor ornamental plants in this group are grown for their leaves. The leaves of the plants in this group are in different colors and shapes and have a very decorative appearance. When growing decorative leafy indoor ornamental plants, evergreen species are generally preferred. Some of these plants are plants that can grow naturally, but can be grown as indoor ornamental plants. For example, ferns can be easily used as an indoor plant, although it is a plant that naturally grows in forest areas. Decorative leafy indoor ornamental plants bloom under favorable conditions. But its flowers are not as beautiful, showy and long-lasting as the showy indoor ornamental plants. The main indoor ornamental plants grown for their leaves are:

Which indoor plant is lucky for home?

  1. African violet
  2. Ladder of love
  3. Aralia
  4. Periwinkle
  5. Chinese cactus
  6. Camel sole
  7. Difenbahya
  8. Prayer flower
  9. Ferns
  10. Elephant Ear
  11. Kala flower
  12. Rubber
  13. Croton
  14. Mexican palm
  15. Wax flower
  16. Column cactus

Succulent Indoor Ornamental Plants

Succulent indoor ornamental plants are plants that store water in their stems and leaves. Cacti are also among the plants in this group. The most important difference of cacti from succulent plants is their thorny structure. These spines can be in the form of needles, or they can be in the form of thorn pads, which are formed by the collection of thin hairs like spines. Due to their water storage properties in their bodies, their water needs are less. The main succulent indoor ornamental plants cultivated are as follows;

  • Trollius europaeus
  • Atlas flower
  • Aeonium
  • Plant of patience
  • Potted beauty
  • Yellow patience flower
  • Money flower

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