What are the best cut flowers in Turkey?

Turkey has a very important place in cut flower production. Having different climatic and geographical conditions allows the cultivation of a wide variety of cut flower species in Turkey. The best cut flowers in Turkey according to production quantity and popularity are: roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, lilies, hyacinths, orchids, etc.

Turkey has a diverse range of flowers that are well-suited for cut flower arrangements. The country’s favorable climate and fertile soil contribute to the cultivation of various flowers with vibrant colors, beautiful forms, and long-lasting qualities.

Does Turkey export cut flowers
  1. Roses (Rosa spp.): Roses are widely cultivated in Turkey and are popular choices for cut flowers. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and are known for their exquisite beauty and fragrance.
  2. Lilies (Lilium spp.): Lilies are favored as cut flowers due to their large, showy blooms and long vase life. They come in various colors and forms, including Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, and Turk’s cap lilies.
  3. Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum spp.): Chrysanthemums are versatile flowers commonly used in cut flower arrangements. They come in different shapes and colors and have a long vase life, making them popular for both fresh and dried flower arrangements.
  4. Gerberas (Gerbera spp.): Gerbera daisies are widely grown in Turkey and are highly valued for their vibrant colors and cheerful appearance. They are popular cut flowers for bouquets and floral displays.
  5. Carnations (Dianthus spp.): Carnations are long-lasting cut flowers known for their ruffled petals and wide range of colors. They are frequently used in floral arrangements and are appreciated for their longevity.
  6. Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus): Sunflowers with their bright yellow petals and large flower heads are popular choices for cut flowers. They add a cheerful and sunny touch to floral arrangements.
  7. Gladiolus (Gladiolus spp.): Gladiolus flowers are tall and elegant, making them excellent for adding height and drama to floral displays. They come in various colors and have a long vase life.
  8. Lisianthus (Eustoma spp.): Lisianthus flowers have delicate petals and a rose-like appearance. They come in a variety of colors and are often used in bouquets and wedding arrangements.
  9. Alstroemeria (Alstroemeria spp.): Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lilies, have multiple blooms on each stem and come in a range of colors. They are valued for their long vase life and are popular in floral arrangements.
  10. Delphiniums (Delphinium spp.): Delphinium flowers have tall spikes with densely packed blossoms in various shades of blue, purple, and white. They are favored for their stunning vertical presence in cut flower arrangements.

These are just a few examples of the best cut flowers in Turkey. The country’s diverse floral offerings provide ample choices for creating stunning floral arrangements, whether for special occasions, weddings, or everyday displays.

Does Turkey export cut flowers?

Turkey sells cut flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, bulbs, seedlings, saplings, wreaths and mosses abroad. Many different types of cut flowers such as roses, hyacinths, lilies, carnations, daisies, daisies, daisies, lavender, asters, chrysanthemums, statice, gypsophila are grown in Turkey. These and other flowers are exported to Turkey.

Turkey is a significant exporter of cut flowers. The country has a thriving floral industry and exports a wide variety of cut flowers to various countries around the world. Turkish cut flowers are renowned for their quality, diversity, and competitive pricing. Some of the popular cut flowers exported by Turkey include roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, gerberas, and sunflowers.

What are the best cut flowers in Turkey

The majority of Turkish cut flower exports are sent to European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Russia. These countries have a high demand for cut flowers and appreciate the quality and variety offered by Turkish growers. Turkish cut flowers are also exported to Middle Eastern countries, Central Asia, and beyond.

Turkey’s favorable climate and geographic location contribute to its ability to produce cut flowers throughout the year. Greenhouses play a crucial role in extending the growing season and ensuring a consistent supply of flowers for both domestic and export markets.

The export of cut flowers has a positive impact on the Turkish economy, creating employment opportunities and generating revenue. It also promotes the country’s floral industry and enhances its reputation as a reliable source of high-quality cut flowers.

Overall, Turkey’s export of cut flowers has been steadily growing, and its flowers are sought after in international markets for their freshness, beauty, and durability. Cut flower names in Turkey >>