Types of plants, trees and flowers North American Plants Are Black Walnuts Native To North America?

Are Black Walnuts Native To North America?

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Walnut until recently Turkey comes to have a say in its cultivation, followed by Greece, Countries like Italy and France followed suit. But for walnut cultivation The USA, which started with walnuts in 1867, left all these countries behind. It has become the most important country in its cultivation and export. In recent years, in many countries, especially the USA, In studies, some patients with heart disease, especially walnut recommended. Some health problems in terms of heart and cholesterol The fact that walnuts are good for people with diabetes has increased the importance of walnuts in recent years. has increased.

Is the United States of America the homeland of black walnuts?

Homeland of walnut, Ghilan region of Iran according to some, According to China. On the other hand, a larger majority is walnut. They show a much larger area as their homeland. advocating that According to the group, walnuts come from the Carpathian Mountains in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, South Russia, India, Manchuria, and a vast territory stretching as far as Korea. It is the native plant of the region. Due to its origin, it has a large natural spread in the world. The Anatolian walnut (Juglans regia L.) It was also taken out of its natural range by means of grown in almost all parts of the world, except for is a type of fruit.

What are the benefits of walnuts?

Are Black Walnuts Native To North America?

Walnut is a very important type of fruit in terms of health and nutrition. In walnuts, 3.5% water, 15-30% protein, 55-77% oil, 1.5-3% ash, and 5-15% contains carbohydrates. In addition, such as Ca, P, Mg, Fe, Na, K It is rich in mineral substances as well as A, B1, B2, B6, C. It also contains vitamins, 1 kg of walnuts provides 7,000 calories of energy.

Walnut as a snack, in the pastry and biscuit industry, in the perfume industry, jam, halva making, paint, plastic and rubber industry, oil can be used as Walnuts are consumed in the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of sausage, samsa and fruit pulp. In addition, because its timber is extremely valuable, it is also used in carving. It is one of the most sought after trees. Which state has the most black walnut trees in America? >>

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