Felicia amelloides, commonly known as the blue daisy or blue marguerite, is not native to the United Kingdom. It is a plant native to South Africa. However, in the UK and other regions with similar climates, Felicia amelloides is often grown as an annual or as a tender perennial.

In the UK, Felicia amelloides is commonly used as a bedding plant in gardens and is treated as an annual. It may be planted in borders or containers during the summer months for its attractive blue flowers. As the plant is not frost-tolerant, it is typically not considered a true perennial in colder climates like the UK. In areas with mild winters, it might persist and act as a perennial, regrowing from the base in the following growing season.

If you are interested in growing Felicia amelloides in the UK, it’s advisable to treat it as an annual or provide protection during the colder months, as it may not withstand harsh winter conditions. Additionally, local nurseries or gardening experts in your region can provide specific advice based on the local climate and conditions.

Is Felicia amelloides a perennial UK plant

The flower is about 45 cm tall and 140 cm wide. It is a perennial that grows as a semi-shrub. It is called margarite. However, it has nothing to do with true margarites (Chrysanthemum frutescens). It has aromatic green leaves. The leaves are egg-shaped and 2.5 cm long. It has 3 cm wide sky blue flowers. Fading flowers need to be constantly removed. It blooms even in very mild winters. Can be grown in pots and containers. It can also be planted on a raised cushion or wall.

This flower grows very fast. When it starts to form an irregular appearance during its growth, it can be given the desired form by shearing. Thus, cut flowers can be obtained. In late summer, a radical shearing can be done to give more flowers next year.

It is one of the most beautiful perennials in hot regions. There are two important cultivars. ‘San Gabriel’ is very rich in flowers. Its striking blue flowers do not fade even when exposed to very hot sun. ‘Santa Anita’ has larger flowers. It stands out with its 6-7.5 cm blue flowers.

Is Felicia amelloides a perennial UK plant?

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