It is 1.8-2 m tall and 1-1.5 m wide. It is a densely branched large shrub branching upwards. The shoots are olive yellow. The ends of the branches hang downwards. It has a picturesque appearance. Summer green leaves are opposite. They are elongated ovate or lanceolate. They are 8-12 cm long. Only the underside of the middle part of the leaf margin is saw-toothed. On large long branches, sometimes the leaves are 3-parted. It blooms in March and April. It blooms in a very intense golden yellow color. Flowers remain on the plant for a long time. Groups of 3 and 4 flowers are found on branches that have not yet leafed out. It has fleshy, very sparse and spreading taproots. Prefers sunny and semi-shady locations.

Prefers fresh, moist, slightly acidic or alkaline, nutrient-rich soils that are not too dry. It can be used as a solitary plant or in groups and hedges to provide privacy. When used in this way, it gives a very beautiful appearance. It is a very frost-resistant woody. Especially this variety is resistant to late frosts. It preserves all its flowers even at -8°C. Forsythia x intermedia ‘Goldzauber’ cultivar is of medium height, its shoots are slender and golden yellow and its flowers are of medium size.

Where does the Goldzauber tree grow Uses of Goldzauber
  1. The Goldzauber tree, specifically the Forsythia Intermedia Goldzauber, grows in gardens as a remarkable cultivar of forsythias. Originating from Asia, this plant family, including Goldzauber, has become popular in gardens.
  2. Forsythia, in general, is an interesting shrub with a brief history. The shrub itself is found in various countries, contributing to its diverse cultivation and appreciation.

Uses of Goldzauber: 3. Forsythia Intermedia Goldzauber is a valuable, free-flowering plant with large and sturdy golden-yellow flowers, surpassing other cultivars. It is often used decoratively in gardens and landscapes.

  1. Goldzauber is known to brighten the early spring landscape, forming a dense and strong hedge.
  2. Key features of Forsythia x intermedia ‘Goldzauber’ include decorative flowers and foliage, making it a showy plant in garden settings.

In summary, the Goldzauber tree, specifically Forsythia Intermedia Goldzauber, is native to Asia and is widely cultivated for its decorative and showy features in gardens, contributing to the early spring landscape.

Goldzauber plant care

It’s possible that it could be a cultivar or a specific variety of a plant with a different common name. Plant names can vary regionally or within different horticultural circles.

If “Goldzauber” refers to a specific plant or cultivar, and you’re looking for care instructions, I recommend checking with local nurseries, botanical gardens, or online resources that specialize in plant information. Here are general guidelines for caring for many plants, and you may adapt them based on the specific needs of your “Goldzauber” plant:

  1. Light: Most plants prefer bright, indirect light. However, specific light requirements can vary, so it’s essential to know the light preferences of your particular plant.
  2. Watering: Watering needs depend on the type of plant and its native habitat. Allow the top inch or two of the soil to dry out before watering, and adjust the frequency based on the plant’s requirements.
  3. Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix appropriate for the type of plant you have. Some plants prefer slightly acidic soil, while others thrive in more alkaline conditions.
  4. Temperature and Humidity: Maintain temperatures within the preferred range for your plant, and consider humidity levels, especially if your indoor environment tends to be dry. Some plants, particularly tropical ones, may benefit from increased humidity.
  5. Fertilization: Feed your plant with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer), following the recommended dosage on the product.

For more accurate care instructions, try to identify the specific plant species or cultivar referred to as “Goldzauber” and refer to reputable plant databases, gardening books, or consult with local horticulturists or experts who may be familiar with this particular plant. If “Goldzauber” is a new introduction or has gained popularity after my last update, there may be more information available online or from local gardening resources.

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