What is the most popular outdoor plant?

the most beautiful outdoor plant

Can you tell me the names of outdoor ornamental plants? Outdoor ornamental plants are ornamental plants used in landscaping.  While some of the outdoor ornamental plants grow very well in some regions, they may not develop in other regions.  For this reason, the producers should pay particular attention to the selection of suitable plants for production. Producing species that do not fit the region means wasted effort. What is an example of outdoor ornamental plants? outdoor What are the five ornamental plants? outdoor What is the most common type of ornamental plant? Which plant is an outdoor ornamental plant?

Which is the best outdoor plants?

The need is one of the most important factors in the selection of outdoor plant species to be grown.  It should be preferred to grow plants that are very popular and used in every region. The type and amount of plants must be determined according to the supply and demand situation.

Outdoor ornamental plants used in landscaping are grouped according to various characteristics, such as: 

  1. Tree and shrubs,
  2. Coniferous trees and shrubs,
  3. Leafy trees and shrubs a- Bush-forms b- Winders and climbers
  4. Grass and ground cover plants,
  5. Flowers and herbaceous plants

Coniferous trees and shrubs suitable for outdoors

Deciduous Outdoor Ornamental Tree Species

Coniferous Trees and Shrubs, Coniferous trees and shrubs are one of the most important plants in landscaping.  They are the most prominent plants in terms of aesthetics, form and norm values ​​in arrangements made in accordance with the basic principles of landscape architecture.  Considering their consumption and production, we can list the main coniferous trees as follows.

Coniferous Trees and Shrubs;

  • Abies sp.
  • Cedrus sp.
  • Cupressus sp.
  • Juniperus sp.
  • Picea sp.
  • Pinus nigra
  • Thuja sp.

Leafy trees and shrubs are among the most important plant species such as conifers in garden and park landscaping, highway landscaping, various landscaping.  They are plants that provide the desired color harmony with their stem structures, leaf shapes, colors, forms, flower, fruit and leaf colors that occur in different seasons.  It is healthier to use them together with conifers to create groves and forest areas. Leafy trees and shrubs are one of the cornerstones in landscape planning, like conifers.  We can list some leafy trees and shrubs that are important in terms of production and consumption as follows:

Shrub Forms

Leafy Trees and Shrubs for Outdoors

Shrub-shaped plants play a complementary role in landscaping.  Especially as the scale of landscaping gets smaller, the importance of shrubs increases.  They are used in small parks and gardens, terraces and building spaces due to their superior landscape effects.  We can list the important shrubs in terms of production and consumption as follows.

Winder and Climbers

Wrappers and climbers play a complementary role in landscaping.  They are used in balconies, arbours, sitting groups, under trees.  It is also used as a camouflage material to cover unwanted objects.  Some of the important winding and climbing plants are as follows.

Leafy Trees and Shrubs for Outdoors

The names of important popular ornamental plants used especially in gardens and parks and adorning site gardens are as follows; Popular outdoor plants >>

  • Acer sp.
  • Aesculus sp.
  • Alnus cordata
  • Betula pendula
  • Buxus sempervicens
  • Carpinus sp.
  • Corylus colurna
  • Cotinus obovatus
  • Crataegus monogyna
  • Eucalyptus gunnii
  • Faqus sylvatico
  • Fraxinus excelsiör
  • İlex aquifolium
  • Juglans regia
  • Malus floribunda
  • Morus alba
  • Morus nigra
  • Platanus orientalis
  • Populus alba
  • Populus nigra
  • Prunus avium
  • Quercus sp.
  • Robinia pseudoacacia
  • Rhus typhina
  • Salix sp.

Deciduous Outdoor Ornamental Tree Species

Maple, Gum tree, Lion Mustache, Judas tree, deerthorn, birch, Catalpa, orchid tree, Willow, ornamental, cherry… Ornamental plants are produced for aesthetic, functional and economic purposes by using different methods, can be defined as plants that reproduce and grow. Ornamental plants interact with humans, especially in urban areas. direct physical needs such as regulation of relations between nature and biological comfort. They have also become the basic material of applications for Therefore, ornamental plants It is a very wide sector in terms of scope and production range. Environmental awareness in growing and developing cities, especially in recent years, ornamental plants in our country
increased production in line with demand.

Outdoor Ornamental Plant Varieties

Coniferous trees; Coniferous trees, usually in the form of evergreen and coniferous trees are plants. Coniferous trees are important trees that are frequently used in landscaping and landscaping. are plants. The wood of these plants is very valuable in the field of lumbering and furniture. Some The fruits of the species are used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Major coniferous trees are: Juniper, Pine, Fir, Larch, Red Pine, Spruce, Yew, Yellow Pine, Cedar, Cypress.

Deciduous Ornamental Trees

Outdoor Ornamental Plant Varieties

Deciduous ornamental trees; in park and garden arrangements, highway landscaping, They are used in various environmental arrangements. These plants; stem structures, leaf shapes, It is very beautiful with its colors, forms, flower, fruit and leaf colors that occur in different seasons. It provides a riot of colors. The main deciduous ornamental trees are: maple, amber, redbud, orchid, catalpa, birch…

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