How much does a gardener earn in Dubai?

A good gardener in Dubai can earn between $3,000 and $7,000 in 1 month. A trained gardener with a certificate can always win there. A gardener is a person who grows plants grown in gardens and makes a living with them. The gardener takes special care of the plants. In this article, what is a gardener, what does he do and how to be? Conditions of becoming a gardener, gardener salaries. While the gardener sometimes deals exclusively with ornamental plants, he sometimes grows vegetables and fruits. The gardener also deals with planting and planting. With the increase in people’s interest in gardening hobbies, the profession of gardening has also developed. What is the monthly gardener salaries in Dubai?

How much money does a gardener work in Dubai?

How much are gardener salaries in Dubai? What are the requirements for gardening in Dubai? The gardener makes the land suitable for planting and planting. It purifies the soil from foreign plants and harmful elements. He sets the plants and seeds to plant, and after marking where to plant the ones to be planted, he makes the planting.

What jobs does a gardener do in Dubai?

Adding the necessary natural and chemical additives, airing the plants and planting and mowing the lawn are among the obligations of the gardener. A good gardener knows what to do to bring the soil to which he is responsible to a healthy, fertile and aesthetic condition. He knows which plants and trees need to be pruned at what time, and he does this at the right time, using the right tools. Vaccination, spraying and fertilization works are also done by the gardener.

How much does a gardener earn in Dubai?

What Does a Gardener Do? Gardeners have certain obligations that they are responsible for fulfilling. The gardener is responsible for designing his garden according to a plan, decorating the flowers, planting and growing the trees, cleaning the entrances and exits of the garden, watering the plants, pruning the trees, growing seedlings and saplings, making the necessary vaccinations for the plants. At the same time, it is also among the responsibilities of gardeners to use the tools entrusted to them for these works well and to keep them safe.

How much does a gardener work for in Dubai?

Gardener Salaries; Gardener salaries vary depending on where they work. But in general, salaries for gardeners in the private sector vary between $3,000 and $5,000. It will be different price if the gardener comes once for a monthly or weekly maintenance. Salaries of gardeners working in estates and apartments are generally given over the minimum wage.

What are the duties of a professional gardener in Dubai?

  • Performs planting, pruning, mowing and maintenance according to garden planning
  • Takes necessary precautions to protect and care for garden plants and against diseases.
  • Does the cleaning of the garden
  • Provides the supply of plants and materials needed for the garden
  • Works in all its activities in accordance with the definitions and instructions of the internal control system.

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