What are the benefits of forests to humans? Benefits of forest and trees

Do forests benefit people Is the forest useful

All over the world, forest areas are very beneficial to living things. What is the greatest benefit of forest areas? We will provide useful information about the most beautiful and important benefits of forests. Forests benefit all people. Do you know what kind of benefits forests have for people and living things? Forests provide the opportunity to have fun, rest and spend their free time. It attracts people living in cities, especially with its air, water, natural views and calm environment. With this aspect, it plays a positive role on people’s physical and mental health. 10 benefits of forest. What are the benefits of forest areas to living things?

What are the main benefits of forest?

  1. Undoubtedly, the most important benefit of forests is that they are a source of oxygen. Plants take carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis; gives oxygen to the air.
  2. There is 21% oxygen in the air. Forests produce 56% of this amount. In our cities, these rates are lower.
  3. An adult pine tree converts the carbon dioxide that 40 people give to the air in an hour into oxygen in 1 hour.
  4. 1 hectare of pine forest filters 36.4 tons of dust from the air.
  5. 1 Hektar çam ormanı yılda 30 ton oksijen üretir.
  6. Forests are like a natural water network for plants and animals. Trees with precipitation in the form of snow and rain; It prevents floods and overflows by holding leaves, branches, trunk and roots. It also helps to form groundwater.
  7. Erosion, by definition, means that the soil on the sloping lands, where the vegetation has been destroyed, is located; It is called erosion and transportation by factors such as precipitation, flood waters, avalanche, wind.
  8. It is a source of wood and timber for humans.
  9. An adult beech can hold 10 tons of water with its roots.
  10. 250 meters wide forest reduces noise by 50%.

What are the benefits of living near a forest?

Do forests benefit people, Is the forest useful

Preventing air pollution and noise around residential areas is of great importance for human health. Due to all these positive benefits of forests on human health, forests are grown and resting places are established around big cities.

Types of products obtained from forests; They are raw materials of many different qualities such as wood, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, resins, bark, roots, shrubs, herbs, game animals, water, soil, clay, stone, coal and mines. How do forests benefit people and living things?

What is produced from forests

Log, Wire Pole, Mine Pole, Industrial Wood, Paper Wood, Fiber Chipwood, Pole, Rod, Firewood, Rosin, Kindling, frankincense oil, Bay, Box, Root Wood, Oregano, All kinds of plant bulbs, Sage Tea, Pine nuts, Mushrooms, Cone… Among these products, the product that is obtained most abundantly and has a wide marketing opportunity is WOOD… Forests also have very important services such as regulating water, protecting soil, affecting climate, protecting and beautifying nature. Benefits of forests to all living things >>

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