How are indoor ornamental plants divided? Indoor ornamental plants include beautiful leafy, flowering, fruiting, woody and herbaceous plants, some shrub species, winding plants, bulbous, tuberous and rhizome plants.

Many people in America grow indoor plants for their business and home. Most people in the United States grow herbs plant home. In America, flowering plants are grown especially in workplaces and homes. Some Americans prefer leafy plants. More than 50% of people living in the United States grow plants in their homes and businesses.

Which plants to use indoors? Examples of flowers that can survive in almost all conditions are hydrangea, earflower, orchid, violet, geranium, prayer flower, azalea, crocus and crocus. Palm, shrub, cactus and succulent species and small evergreen trees can also be used as indoor plants.

How many people in America grow plants at home?

What percent of Americans have houseplants?

In America, around 50-60% of people grow plants in their homes and workplaces. A great indoor plant can grow in a very small space. But it is useful to have the size of the plant selected in proportion to the size of the space. The colors, shapes and sizes of plants placed indoors should be compatible with the workplace and home. Negative effects of poor plant selection; Otherwise, it creates a bad image devoid of aesthetics. It negatively affects the psychology of the person. A good plant selection is important.

Decorative leafy plants are adversely affected by dust. Therefore, at the same time The plant should be washed along with the leaves. Unwashable plants can also be washed with a soft sponge. must be wiped, the pores of the leaves must be cleaned of dust.

What is the most common houseplant in America?

Indoor plants, filtering ambient noise, acoustic control It is also used for purposes such as providing dust retention, producing oxygen, preventing glare and reflection. An important point to consider when using decorative leafy plants is Most of them are poisonous. However, when the plant is whole, it is not harmful. some of the plant juices that come out as a result of cutting or plucking Chemicals can have harmful effects on human health.

What percent of Americans have houseplants?

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