What flowers can survive Texas winter?

Some flower varieties that can be grown in Texas in the garden and indoors in winter; Azalea, Poinsettia, Primrose, Laurel, Chrysanthemum, Winter Hyacinth, Winter Cherry, Japanese Quince, Magnolia, Daffodil, Orchid, Cyclamen Flower, Dahlia, etc. flower varieties can remain flowering in winter. In Texas, some plants can remain flowering in winter, even in cold weather and even when covered with snow. There are various plants that can bloom in winter. The names of plants that bloom in winter are given below. There are a wide variety of flowers that can come out from under the snow and withstand cold and snow.

Flowers suitable for Winter in Texas

You can prefer these flowers especially in the winter season.

  1. Star Flower
  2. Flower of the flower of the borage
  3. Orchid
  4. Narcissus
  5. Magnolia
  6. Winter Hyacinth
  7. Winter Cherry
  8. Chrysanthemum
  9. Japanese Quince
  10. Laurel
  11. Primrose
  12. Bougainvillea
  13. Poinsettia
  14. Azalea

Preferred summer season flowers in Texas

Fire flower (Salvia): It belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It originates from Brazil. Flowers are bright red, leaves are long, pointed, shiny and petiolate. The plant grows 30-120 cm tall. This flower is not always bright red in colour, but there are also blue and lavender coloured flowers. It grows naturally in warm and temperate climatic regions of the world.

What flowers can survive Texas winter

Atlas (Godetia); The atlas, which has about 20 species on the California coast of America, was brought to America from Europe. In our country, it is used in summer beds or as cut flowers. They are annual plants that attract attention with their dense flowers in the gardens, durable, 15-60 cm tall.

Cockscomb flower (Celosia): It is one of the exemplary plants of the cockscomb family. They are semi-hardy (rustic) and annual plants originating from East India. Depending on the species, it can grow up to 20-90 cm in length. It includes more than 70 species.

Silk Flower (Portulaca): Silk flower, a member of the purslane family (Portulacaceae); Portulaca graniflora of the genus Portulaca. It is also known as catnip. It is naturally found in subtropical and tropical regions. There are about 60 species. They are branching ground cover plants. Its homeland is South America. It is an annual plant.

Marigold (Tagates)

Dirty Lady ( Zinnia )

Sheep’s boll ( Gazania ): Gazania belongs to the daisy family (Asteraceae). Its homeland is South Africa. There are more than 20 species. Although they are perennial plants, they are herbaceous plants treated as annuals. The elongated, ribbon-like leaves, which form a large rosette at the base of the plant, are dark green above and wool-like, white below.

Cosmos (Cosmos): It belongs to the compound family. It grows naturally in its native America (in the region between Bolivia and Arizona). It includes about 22 species. They are annual or perennial plants. Mainly 3-4 species have gained importance in gardens. It grows in hot and dry borders and in almost every soil. What flowers will grow in Texas? >>

Petunia (Petunia): Petunia belongs to the nightshade family. It is a plant that is widely grown in culture. They are annual or perennial, semi-hardy herbaceous plants, whose homeland is the American mainland and especially Argentina. The popular flower takes its name from French.

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Flower species favoured for gardening and landscaping in Texas: What is the best flower to grow in Texas?, What flowers are popular in Texas?, Amblyolepis setigera, Hummingbird bush, Aquilegia canadensis, Butterfly weed, Orchid, Calylophus berlandieri ssp., Castilleja indivisa, Bee flower, Chilopsis linearis, Chrysactinia mexicana, Purple leather flower, Campsis radicans, Callirhoe pedata etc.