How do I take care of my lawn in Washington state?

In Washington, we do your lawn mowing works in gardens, schools, sites, colleges, villas and private property areas. Lawn mowing should be done with a team that knows its job. Have the lawn mowing done professionally. Your lawn mowing works should be done with the right and best machines. Grass both creates a visually aesthetic appearance and absorbs the sun’s rays, reduces the sun’s rays from affecting the eyes, prevents dust, and provides a clean environment. The leaves in grass plants are in various shades from dark green to grey green. The most suitable colour for grass plants is fresh green. It is preferable to preserve this colour in summer and winter

Which grass is preferred in Washington?

. However, yellowing in winter does not cause any harm in grass species used in some places such as summer houses. The homogenous and smooth appearance of the lawn areas can be achieved by frequent mowing. It is desired that the grass plants to be selected are resistant to frequent mowing. It should have both vertical and transverse spreading feature. It is desired to be resistant to drought.

Grass species and varieties with thin, narrow and delicate leaves are desired in lawn areas. Rough, thick-leaved species do not give a beautiful appearance. Grass should be resistant to diseases. Grass irrigation should be done 2 times a day, usually early in the morning and late in the evening, immediately after sowing. The water requirement of the grass mowed frequently and at short intervals is higher. In addition, when the mown grass will show vegetative development, water demand increases.

When to mow the lawn in Washington?

How do I take care of my lawn in Washington state?

By mowing the grass frequently and short, velvet-looking fields are obtained. This prevents flower and seed emergence and vegetative growth is stronger. The first mowing is done when the grass is 15 cm tall. The newly established field should be kept moist in dry weather, when the grass length exceeds 6 cm, it should be rolled and the first mowing should be done with a scythe. The first 2 mowings in early spring should be longer than the following mowings. The ideal mowing length is 4-5 cm. An important point to be considered is to use the same direction in every mowing. If this is followed, the grass roots will be healthier and stronger.

What to look for when cutting the lawn in Washington?

How often should you mow your lawn in Washington state? Criteria to be considered when mowing the lawn After the plant height in the lawn is 6-8 cm, this height should be halved in the first mowing. In subsequent mowing, it can be mowed at 3-3,5 cm. The blades of the lawn mower should always be kept sharp. The grass mowed with a blunt blade is damaged and loses its resistance to diseases. In order for the grass to remain healthy in extreme heat, the grass should be mowed a little higher than normal.

Tips for lawn care in Washington

Grass mowing is done with special machines according to the condition of your garden. There are some points to be considered when mowing the grass, it is necessary to cut the grass by paying attention to them. Mowing is one of the most prominent maintenance operations of lawn areas. Mowing should be done properly for a beautiful green area. Grass mowing; It is mainly the process of cutting the tips of the elongated leaves or shoots. Regular mowing has a number of positive effects on lawns. For example; the development of roots, stems and shoots accelerates in regularly mown grass areas. In order to obtain a good grass cover, “mowing time”, “mowing height”, “mowing frequency” are important in the mowing process to be applied in grass areas.

How often should I water my lawn in Washington state? In the months when you mow your lawn frequently, you need to pay attention to whether you are watering enough. Generally, mature lawns should be watered once every 3 days in spring and autumn, once every 2 days in summer and once every day in very hot weather, depending on rainfall.

Washington lawn mowing prices

Cost of grass cutting in Washington; Prices for grass cutting, weed mowing vary in this state region. The price should be determined according to the lawn care and grass cutting area. Service can be provided for simple jobs for $250. But if the area is large, appropriate prices are given by calculating in square metres or acres. Lawn mowing prices between $250 and $3000 may vary according to your garden. The best price determination method is to make a discovery.