Does marshmallow plant grow in California?


This beautiful flower grows in California. You can prefer it especially in gardens. The marshmallow flower, which belongs to the hibiscus family, likes clayey, humus-rich soils, and needs to be grown in a sunny but sheltered area since it is not very resistant to strong winds. The marshmallow flower, which is also known by names such as camel rose, hire, cylinder flower and hollyhock, can reach 2-2.5 meters when it finds favorable conditions for growing. The flower can be in a variety of colors, from white to red, from pink to orange.

Where do Hollyhocks grow in California?

It grows in gardens, landscape areas and even in pots. In California, this type of flower grows in shades of white, pink and orange. It is known to cure cough. At the same time, it accelerates the healing process of diseases such as flu, colds and colds.

Where do Hollyhocks grow in California

Does Hollyhocks have health benefits? It is also recommended for those who have problems such as indigestion and gas pains, as it supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system. Since marshmallow flower is a natural pain reliever, it relieves pain in various parts of the body.

It supports the healthy functioning of the kidneys, so it also shows diuretic properties. California Marshmallow flower, which also affects skin health positively in long-term use, provides moisturizing and cleansing of the skin. It is possible to obtain brighter and healthier hair when the tea obtained by brewing in hot water is used while washing the hair. Since marshmallow flower is seen as a natural pain reliever as well as a natural sedative, it is a solution to stress, nerves, and insomnia related to these negativities.

The homeland of the Marshmallow is Western Asia. Over time, it spread to Europe and East Asia. It grows naturally in almost every region of our country. Marshmallow Flower is a perennial herbaceous plant that loves wet places and stream sides. Where are marshmallow flowers grown in California? >>