Types of plants, trees and flowers Trees Where do redbud trees grow best in Germany?

Where do redbud trees grow best in Germany?

Redbud Tree, Redbud Tree is a type of tree that can grow up to nine – ten metres in height, belongs to the legume family and has a beautiful scent. The colour of the newly grown redbud tree is red and purple, but when it steps into adulthood, it can be green – blue in colour. The flower size of the redbud is around 2 cm. Erguvan is one of the rare plant species that can grow in all soils that are not heavy. It does not like too watery climates, its growth rate is high in slightly arid places. It is estimated to have originated from the steppes of Western Asia or Southern Europe.

How does redbud grow in Germany?

The redbud tree, like most tree species, is a tree grown from seed. However, due to the hardness of the seeds, its cultivation requires special attention. In order to break the hardness of the redbud seeds, they are kept in hot water for 2-3 minutes and then kept in warm water for 24 hours. The purpose of this process is to soften the hardened seed. Redbuds that are not subjected to this process cannot be germinated.

The Most Suitable Regions for Redbud in Germany

Where do redbud trees grow best in Germany

The redbud sheds its leaves at certain times of the year. For this reason, it is grown in places with light sunshine or half shade at -10 degrees. The reason why you can see the redbud on the streets and alleys is that it is a tree that does not require much maintenance. Redbuds are very resistant to drought. Another reason why they are seen in the city is that they are not affected by air pollution. In addition, they do not need any maintenance except pruning.

When does the redbud bloom in Germany?

Redbud trees are considered the harbinger of spring. For this reason, they only bloom for a few weeks in March and April. Then they go to leaf fall. Planting procedures The planting of redbuds is done in other months except summer months. Erguvan is cultivated in the regions of Bursa, Istanbul and Catalca in Turkey. In addition, redbud trees can often be seen in groves and parks in Istanbul in spring. The life span of redbud trees is quite long. Redbud trees, which are also advantageous in this respect, can live between 15 – 20 years. Redbud Tree Blossom Germany >>

Arguvan tree is a type of tree that can grow by growing on its own. Even if no maintenance is done, it can grow when a suitable environment is found.

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