Where do alder trees grow in Canada?

Alder (Alnus spp.) Some species of these trees, whose homeland is the Northern Hemisphere, grow naturally in our country, generally in streams. They are fast growing trees and can reach 20-30 m in height. They shed their leaves and exist in the form of trees, shrubs or shrubs. There are about 30 species. They convert the nitrogen in the air into usable form by the soil through the tubers in their roots. Fast growing alders provide effective erosion control in stream and stream beds. They are particularly important in afforestation of poorly drained or even marshy areas. It does not allow any other plant to grow near its superficial and invasive roots, and it can damage water and sewer pipes. It can also be grown in windy places.

In what climates does redwood grow?

Climate demand, It grows well in temperate and cool maritime climates. It likes places with lots of light. Soil demand They can be easily grown in all kinds of soils. Especially some species grow well in poorly drained and marshy places. Cultivation technique It is produced by seeds.

Where do alder trees grow in Canada?

The seeds should be sown after being swollen in water for 24 hours, mixed with sand. Its seeds are very small. Alder is in the group of mature woody trees. Its pores are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Year rings are specific. The color of the alders: It is very light brown or pink white, close to white. Alder, which is cut and left in the air, becomes yellowish red. As it dries, its color changes to rust red.

Characteristics of Red Trees in Canada

It is a light, soft, loose wood. It splits easily. It is less flexible. It pulls a lot. As a result of the study, the distortion rate is low. It is durable under water. It is not durable at all if the air humidity changes. It should not be used in such places. It is easily destroyed by insects and microorganisms. It is handled very well. It gives a shiny, smooth surface. It cracks a lot. It bonds well with glue.

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