Tree Earring Abutilon Properties, Tree Earring flower with its Latin name abutilon x hybridum is among the shrub-form ornamental plants that can grow up to 2 meters tall. It is suitable for Turkish climate. It is distributed in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions and can be easily grown in every region of our country. Deciduous during the winter months, the deciduous rate of the Tree Earring plant is very low on the southern coasts. This plant, also known as Chinese Lantern, has lambadere-like flowers. It can withstand up to -10 degrees in winter. It cannot withstand prolonged frost and cold. Tree Earring flower can be easily grown in places such as balconies, terraces and gardens.

Tree Earring Abutilon Care: We should take care to water as the bottom dries, otherwise we may water too much and cause root rot or we may not water at all and leave the plant to dry out. If you are faced with diseases such as insects or fungi on the plant, you can use insecticidal or fungicidal pesticides and spray them on the plant by spraying method and make your plant more efficient. Fertilizer has an important place in the care of the Tree Earring flower. Therefore, fertilization should be done once a year.

What are the characteristics of Abutilon

Where does Tree Earring Abutilon grow?

The natural range of the plant is estimated to be southern Asia, but thanks to its invasive abilities, it spread to a significant part of the old world in the early period. It is found in wetlands, fields and degraded lands. It blooms between August and September. It can be observed at altitudes from sea level to 1000 meters.

What is Abutilon?

Definition, Can grow up to 2 meters. The velvety heart-shaped leaves are 15 to 25 cm wide. Flowers are yellow to orange, 4 cm in diameter. They ripen in button-shaped capsules. The flowers and the whole plant have a fruity odor. Prefers rich and cultivated soil. Flowers are hermaphrodite. Seeds can be sown in April and May. The stem surface is smooth. Seeds are purplish brown, kidney-shaped, notched and 1 to 3 mm long.

How to propagate the abutilon flower?

Soak the seeds in water at room temperature for 24 hours before sowing. -You need to sow 2-3 seeds in the seed holes you have dug. -The seeds should not be buried too deep in the soil, they should be planted about 1 cm below. -Seeds germinate in 20-25 days.

Is the abutilon flower cold hardy? It is a very clean, almost pest-free, insect-free, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and best of all, a very resistant variety that does not require any maintenance. Flowers can reach 6-8 cm in diameter.

When to sow abutilon flower seeds? Abutilon Flower Seed Sowing Time: Spring summer, it can be sown indoors at any time.

How to sow abutilon flower seeds?

In general, the seed depth is roughly 2-3 times the width and length of the seed. Place yourabutilon flower seeds in each seed pit with 3-4 seeds and cover the top without pressing too much. Seed germination takes place between 28-45 days.

What are the characteristics of Abutilon?

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