In which countries do hazelnuts grow in the world? Hazelnut Tree fruit

In which countries do hazelnuts grow in the world, Hazelnut Tree fruit

Hazelnut production in the world is carried out in many countries such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, USA, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, Bolivia, China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India and Turkey. However, Turkey, Italy, Spain and the U.S.A. are the main countries that have a significant share in world hazelnut production. Is hazelnut a plant with a shell. It is a short tree that bears fruit once a year. Hazelnut is a healthy product grown in many countries. It is used in various chocolates and desserts. It is consumed dry. You can find everything you wonder about hazelnut in our article.

Which country is famous for hazelnuts? Hazelnut growing countries? Hazelnut is a product mostly grown in Turkey and sent to many countries of the world. Are hazelnuts Turkish? Historical documents indicate that hazelnuts were produced on the Black Sea coast in the north of Turkey 2300 years ago, and it is known that hazelnuts have been exported from Turkey to other countries for the last 6 centuries. Turkey, which is one of the few countries in the world with suitable weather conditions for hazelnut production, realizes 75% of the total world production and 70-75% of its exports.

Hazelnut is the hard-shelled fruit most traded in the world after almonds. The weight of European Union countries in the import of natural hazelnuts (without shell) draws attention. About half of the world’s unshelled hazelnut imports on a value basis are large chocolate products. It is carried out by Germany and Italy, where the manufacturers are resident. However, there has been an increase in hazelnut consumption in Far East countries in recent years.

Which country is famous for hazelnuts
A hazelnut tree in Turkey

Which country has the best hazelnuts? What country is largest producer of hazelnuts? Turkey is currently the world’s largest hazelnut exporter. until the 1980s While 90% of the export includes shelled and kernel hazelnuts, today there are about 28 kinds of processed hazelnuts. The product is exported to various countries of the world. Total hazelnuts until a few years ago While processed hazelnut products account for 27% of its exports, this rate has increased to 40% in recent years. reached. Most of the remaining hazelnuts are exported as hazelnut kernels. Exportation The amount of shelled hazelnuts produced is at a very low level. This situation, With the effect of Turkey’s developing industry and technology in recent years, more It’s a sign that you’re starting to care.

Hazelnut orchards, which are densely located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, are located in an area not exceeding 30 km from the coast inland. It starts from Zonguldak (east of Istanbul) in the Western Black Sea and extends eastward across the entire Black Sea, almost to the Georgian border, like a green belt between the sea and the mountains.

Can you eat a hazelnut off the tree

In which countries do hazelnuts grow the most?

  • Turkey: Hazelnut orchards, which are densely located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, located in an area not exceeding 30 km inward; in the Western Black Sea Starting from Zonguldak to the east along the whole Black Sea, between the sea and the mountains. It stretches almost as far as the Georgian border like a green belt.
  • Italy: With an average annual production of more than 100 thousand tons on an area of ​​​​approximately 72 thousand hectares, It is the second largest hazelnut producer after Its share in world production is approximately 10-15% is around. Although its production changes according to years, it meets its own domestic consumption. Promise Almost all of the hazelnut production in the country is made in four regions. These regions; Piedmont, Lazio, Campania and Sicily. Production of flamboyant, large variety of hazelnuts in Italy doing; The hazelnut harvest starts in the second half of August.
  • USA: With an average annual production approaching 40 thousand tons on an area of ​​approximately 12 thousand hectares, the main is among the hazelnut producing countries. Its share in world production has increased to 4%. is approaching. Hazelnut production regions in the USA, which is at the forefront with the export of in-shell hazelnuts Oregon and Washington, and almost all of the production is done in Oregon.
  • Spain: It has transferred its place in world production to Georgia and Azerbaijan in recent years.
    There has been no increase in the production areas in the last 20 years, the average of around 20 thousand tons. Its annual production is carried out on an area of ​​approximately 14 thousand hectares. 85% of production areas It is in the Tarragna Region and 80% of the plantations consist of the Negret variety.
  • Georgia and Azerbaijan: Average annual production in Georgia and Azerbaijan, last In line with the cultivation policy of the last years, it has reached 40 thousand tons and the world Its share in its production is 10% in total.


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