It is generally not recommended to graft a fruit tree in April. The best time for grafting is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. During this period, the air temperatures are warm and humid, which provides ideal conditions for the grafting pen to take hold.

In April, temperatures usually start to rise, which can cause the grafting pen to dry out and fail. Also, in April, trees enter a period of active growth, which can make the grafting process stressful and damaging to the tree.

The best times to graft fruit trees are:

  • Apple, pear, quince, cherry, cherry: Late winter and early spring (February – March)
  • Plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines: March – April
  • Fig March – April
  • Olive March – April

Things to consider when carrying out the grafting process:

  • It is important that the grafting pen is healthy and alive.
  • The grafting process should be done with a sharp and sterile knife.
  • The vaccination pen must be fully compatible with the rootstock.
  • The vaccination site must be tied in a way that allows air to pass through.
  • After the grafting process, the vaccination site should be regularly checked and watered.
Can a fruit tree be grafted in April?

If you want to graft your fruit trees, it is important to do it at the right time and in the right way. To learn more about this, you can get help from an agricultural engineer or an experienced gardener.

Can I Plant Tree Saplings in April?

April is a suitable month for planting saplings for some sapling species. It is especially ideal for deciduous trees and shrubs.

However, the best time for planting saplings may vary depending on the type of sapling, the climate and soil conditions of the region. Therefore, it is important to do research and obtain information before planting.

Some tree and shrub species that are suitable for planting in April are:

  • Apple, pear, quince, cherry, sour cherry, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine, mulberry, fig, almond, walnut, hazelnut
  • Maple, linden, hornbeam, ash, viburnum, lilac, rose, hydrangea, lavender, rosemary

Things to consider when planting saplings in April:

  • It is important that the seedlings are healthy and alive.
  • The planting site should be sunny and airy.
  • The soil should be well drained and rich in nutrients.
  • The roots should not be damaged while planting the seedlings.
  • Saplings should be watered with plenty of water after planting.
  • Saplings should be pruned regularly in the first years.

If you are planning to plant saplings in April, it is important to choose a sapling that is suitable for the type of sapling and the climate of your region and to do the planting correctly. To learn more about this, you can get help from an agricultural engineer or an experienced gardener.

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