When to prune cherry trees in Ontario

We have prepared an article with information on pruning and caring for cherry trees in Ontario. How to Grow and Prune a Cherry Tree? In order to grow cherries, it must first be decided whether to grow with seeds or seedlings. If you want to start production faster, it is more appropriate to prefer grafted. seedlings. Cherry trees are mostly preferred to be pruned in winter when the tree is resting. Because the weather should not be too cold during pruning. In places where the winter cold is not too harsh, pruning can be started with the shedding of the leaves in the autumn months.

How to Care for a Cherry Tree? Cherry trees need to be watered a lot in spring and summer. The moisture of the soil at the base of the tree should be constantly checked. During the fruiting period, the cherry tree needs a lot of water. But water should not be allowed to accumulate in the root parts. Because this accumulated water causes the root to rot. It is important to make a fertilization as a result of the analysis of the soil where the cherry tree is located. It is correct to apply a foliar fertilizer containing microelements twice during the vegetation period.

Can cherry trees grow in Ontario?

When to prune cherry trees in Ontario

Cherry trees have a warm growing season, in the winter season a period of rest, a rainless flowering and harvest They love the period. Cherry is a fruit with a high need for cooling. It is a type. It requires cooling over 1000 hours. if not met, irregular blooms and shrugs is seen. Approximately 1000 m. The altitude is ideal for cultivation. In places where winter temperatures fall below -20 ºC Cherry cultivation should not be done. Extreme summer heat causes double pistil formation, therefore twin It is undesirable because it encourages fruit. Because that’s how fruits have no market value.

Some Cherry Tree Species

EARLY BURLAT: It is very early. (May 24) Its fruit is large. The fruit cracks at a rate of 25%. Its resistance to the road is low. VISTA: It is early.(31 May) Tree yield is high. by 3% fruit cracks. STARKS GOLD (White
cherry) : Good table quality is not. Suitable for industry is one of a kind. 15 June matures around. NOBLE: It matures late. (June 14) It is moderately productive. 5% rate of fruit cracking. LAMBERT: It ripens too late. (June 19) Trees are fruitful and it makes 18% fruit cracking. way too far it is durable.

Cherry growing conditions in Ontario

  • Soil analysis of the land must be done.
  • The land should be liquidated.
  • In a dry period after leveling (eg September) Explosion with subsoiler at 90 cm range and 90 cm depth should be done.
  • Sloping and sloping places should be preferred.
  • Gardens should not be established in places forming the frost base.
  • Drainage channels 40-50 cm apart according to the soil structure should open.
  • If possible, garden on lands close to the forested ground should not be installed.

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