When should you prune a Norway spruce?

In Norway, spruce trees are an evergreen plant. It is appropriate to prune spruce trees outside of the harsh and frost-free winter. Take the right steps to prune a spruce tree in your garden. Cover the pruned branches with putty. If the branches of spruce trees are broken, you can cut them neatly close to the trunk. It is also preferable to use hand saws or pruning motors to avoid damaging the tree.

In Norway, spruce trees are at the top of the beautiful and valuable ornamental plants of the gardens. The spruce tree begins to develop and grow after it is planted. As it grows, the branches also grow, become denser, and over time they become unable to see the sun and breathe. This is more common in spruce wood interiors. The branches that are too compressed turn yellow and dry over time. If we do not clean the yellowing and drying branches of this kind of spruce tree in your garden; the tree may begin to dry out. But by cutting the damaged branches, the inside of our tree will get air, sun and drying of other branches will be prevented.

Can you cut the top of a Norway spruce tree?

Spruce trees in Norway or any other country are not cut from the top. If you cut a spruce tree from the top, the tree will not grow. And in your garden you will only have a spruce tree of the same size that gives branches to the sides. Do not cut the lazine tree from the top to get a beautiful view. In Norway, it doesn’t matter if the spruce trees are saplings or large. Top pruning cannot be done on spruce trees. Tree species such as spruce tree and pine tree are not pruned from the top. If you have a spruce tree in your garden, you can only cut the dry and weathered branches of these trees. Is the spruce tree pruned from the top in Norway? Norway spruce pruning >>

Can you cut the leader of a Norway spruce?

Can you cut the leader of a Norway spruce?

Nowhere in the world are spruce trees pruned from the top. Spruce and pine trees cut from the top cannot grow tall. If you have planted a spruce tree or multiple spruce trees to have a good view in your garden, you should know that these trees do not need much pruning. However, if some branches turn yellow and break for various reasons, you can cut that branch. Information about the Norway Spruce tree; It is evergreen, pyramidal in shape. The leaves are needle-shaped, four-cornered or flattened. When the leaves fall, outgrowths remain on the shoot. Cones are round or cylindrical, first green or dark red, then brown. It is frequently used in garden arrangements due to its large pyramid form. The spruce tree can grow in places where the soil is not very poor and dry. Its roots are superficial. For this reason, they are damaged by strong winds and dry seasons. Spruce tree irrigation: It does not need much watering, but it wants the soil to be moist. Spruce tree pests in Norway; Aphids, bark aphids, spider mites, green worms and beetles are the most common pests. Powdery mildew and black spot are the most common diseases.

What season is the spruce tree pruned in Norway?

Can you cut the leader of a Norway spruce

Do not cut the branches of the spruce tree in winter, it will damage the tree in regions with extreme cold and frost. In Norway, spruce trees can usually be cut down in the spring.

In Norway, spruce tree care pruning is not done during the winter months. Considering the weather conditions, spruce tree pruning may be appropriate in summer.

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