How do you cut back a pear tree?

Pear Tree Pruning Various pruning can be done on seedlings or advanced trees in pear trees. These can be in the form of yield pruning, tree rejuvenation pruning, dry branches pruning. Pear tree pruning is generally done before spring after defoliation during the rest period. Pear pruning cannot be done during the fruiting phase. Pruning in pear trees is a process that starts with root pruning and crowning before planting. Pruning pear trees requires attention and experience. The shape to be given to the seedlings in pears should be determined depending on the location of the garden to be established, soil type, fruit characteristics and size of the variety. When is the pear pruning time? Does the pear tree like water?

How to care for a pear tree? How to prune a pear tree?

The purpose of dilution pruning is to obtain more data. In order to obtain larger and higher quality products in some varieties of pears, 75% fruit thinning pruning is carried out, especially in Deveci Pears. In general, if there is too much fruit on the whole tree, thinning is done so that 1-2 fruits are left in each cluster. In another measure, thinning is done so that one fruit falls on 20-30 leaves. It is important to do it in frost-free weather after the leaves have completely fallen off after the pear trees are harvested.

Pear tree pruning techniques

  • Pear seedlings to be planted in the garden can come from the nursery in a branched form. A good branching is desirable as it will accelerate the yield. Some seedling producers can branch the seedlings appropriately. In such cases, these seedlings should be preferred.
  • In places where fire blight is common, the amount of main branches forming the roof should be increased to six, because some of the main branches may be removed due to infections in the following years. However, under normal conditions, the number of major branches should be three or four.
How do you cut back a pear tree?
  • Again, light pruning operations should be preferred in rainy regions where fire blight is present, because severe pruning operations on the pear tree will awaken high fresh shoot growth. This makes it difficult to control the disease on the tree.
  • In order to stimulate the formation of side branches, the top hitting should be done at a minimum level because soft end shoots are formed from here. The majority of the cutting operations in the pear trees should be carried out in the form of branch weeding, and tensioners should be placed between them so that the branches on the tree are wide-angled. Pear Pruning
  • In young pear trees, it should be avoided that any branch is loaded with fruit. Because this load bends the branch downwards and impairs the use of the branch in the following years.

Pear tree pruning forms Pear trees are also applied to pear trees such as apex branched, different apical branched, tapestry, palmette, pyramid, as well as training forms and forms of bush type, which is dominated by the apex branch.

Pear Tree cutting; If you want to cut the pear tree completely, you can choose it at any time. To care for the branches of the pear tree, that is, to prune, you need to wait for the end of winter or autumn. Adult Pear Tree is not trimmed or pruned

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