Plants growing in the Strandja mountains

What are the popular plants growing on Strandja mountain?

First of all, we will examine the tree species that grow in the Strandja mountains, including endemic plants. The important tree species growing in Strandja mountains and their characteristics are as follows.

  • Quercus Hartwissiana: It gets up to 25 meters high. Just Strandja Mountains, It is found in Asia. in the Strandja Mountains Veleka, Rezve and Ropotamo creeks found throughout.
  • Fagus Orientali: up to 50 meters high and 1 meters thick. Eastern Balkans peninsula, Asia, , Crimea, Kavkaz and in Iran.
  • Quercus Petraea: See, it would be 40-50 meters high. Strandja Mountains from Europe, Kavkaz and found in Asia. Strandja See more East in the mountains (Quercus polycarpa) is found.
  • Quércus cerris: It can stretch 35 meters and has a thickness of 1 m. South and Central Europe, Syria, Kavkaz and It grows in Asia.
  • Carpinus Betulus: It can stretch 30 meters. South and Central Europe, Kavkaz, Iran and It originates in Central Asia.
  • Sorbus Torminalis: It can stretch 25 meters. Southern and Central Europe, Crimea, Kavkaz It is found in.
  • Fraxinus Ornus: It grows 20 meters long. It reaches a thickness of 60 cm. South and in Central Europe, Asia and Kavkaz grows.
  • Taxus baccata: It is a poisonous plant. It can stretch 20 meters. tree or shrub type. It blooms in April and May.
  • Laurocerasus Officinalis: It grows 8 meters long. Leaf It is an evergreen medicinal plant. tree or shrub of this plant Its seeds are poisonous.
  • Pyracantha coccinea: It is an evergreen (evergreen) thorny shrub.
  • Daphne Pontica: Endangered, listed in the Bulgarian Red book It is a rare shrub plant. The species may be protected. What plants grow on Strandja mountain >>

Wild meadow plants growing in the Strandja mountains

  1. Anemone pavonina
  2. Chrysopogon gryllus
  3. Dichantiumischaemum
  4. Himantoglossum caprinum
  5. Poa bulbosa
  6. Saponariastranjensis
  7. Stachys thracica
  8. Taraxacum officinale
  9. Tulipa hageri
  10. Veronica turril-liana

Strandja mountains plant species

Plants growing in the Strandja mountains

Salix Alba: 30 meters long, 1-5 meters thick tree is a type of tree. Europe, North America, North It grows in Africa. from the bark fiber is obtained.

Alnus Glutinosa: It is a deciduous tree. In the furniture industry used. The leaves are used in medicine.

Fraxinus Oxycarpa: Its height is 40 cm. Thickness 1 meter It is a decorative tree.

U. minor: It is a long-lived hardwood.

Clematis Vitalba: It is a perennial plant. leaves, flowers and The roots are used as medicine.

Leucojum aestivum: It is a perennial plant. It is poisonous. This plant is used in medicine. The species of the plant is endangered. the plant.

Caltha palustris: It is a perennial plant. This plant species is poisonous. in the pharmaceutical industry used. Plant species growing on Strandja mountain


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