Plants are essential for the sustainability of the ecosystem. Photosynthetic creatures ensure that the energy from the sun is kept on earth and transferred to other living things through the food chain. While these creatures produce food by assimilating carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, they also produce oxygen by photolysis of water. As a result, it carries out the substance cycle on the earth, maintains the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. Fertile lands need water, wind, etc.

What is the importance of plants in the life of living things?

It prevents it from being lost by erosion as a result of the effects. It is used in the food industry, pharmacy, furniture and decoration works. Plants such as cotton and linen are of great importance in the weaving and textile industries. Many plants that produce ethereal oil are used in the manufacture of essential oils and perfumes. Biodiesel is produced with oils obtained from oily plant seeds. All plants create shelter for living things with parts such as roots, stems, leaves, fruits and seeds.

Ornamental plants are used to beautify the living environment. Parts of plants such as roots, stems, leaves, fruits and seeds are a source of food for all living things that feed on plants. Plant hormones used to produce more products in a shorter time do more harm than good to health and economy in the long run. What are the Uses of Plants for Treating Diseases?

How are plants used in our daily life

I am sure that the area covered by plants in our daily life is much more than we expected. We often knock on the door of plants for taste, healing and beauty. Well, do we know the benefits and harms of these plants that we use all over our lives? What are the Benefits of Plants? Plants are natural wonders with their appearance and functions in the ecosystem. Many species of plants, which are a source of healing for humans, are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. All of the oxygen necessary for our life is produced by plants. If there were not even one of the Photosynthesis enzymes produced by plants, there would be no living thing on earth right now. Photosynthesis is not the only benefit that plants provide to living things. How are plant species used in our daily life? >>

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