Streams and lakes of North America

Streams and lakes of North America

North and south in the west of the North American continent, The Cordilleras, which run parallel to the great ocean, form the drainage network of the continent. determined. Because of these mountain ranges, the waters of North America 4/5 to the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Gulf of Mexico in the south
pours. All long streams therefore flow eastward, and they usually have low sloping beds. big in the west
those pouring into the ocean are both short and steeply inclined. They are fast flowing because they have bearings. In the west, the most important rivers run from north to south; Bering Yukon, Columbia, which empties into the sea, empties its waters into the Gulf of California. emptied Colorado.

The most important river of the eastern part is the Gulf of Mexico. famous Mississippi. It also forms the Canada-US border. st. Laurent and the Hudson reaching the ocean from the New York coast river are other important streams. Fourth time glaciers occur in North America It has many lakes. Lakes in the northeast of the continent is called the region. What are the 5 major lakes in North America? >>

The largest lakes in North America

The largest lakes in North America

The largest of the lakes is Superior, which covers an area of ​​82,100 km2. is the lake. Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Ontario are also in this region. one of the lakes. These lakes are connected to each other by channels.
Also world famous Niagara Falls Erie and Lake Ontario. In the northwest of the Lakes region, again the glacier Great Dipper, Great Captive and Lakes of Winnipeg. south and west of North America Although there are many lakes in lakes as large as those listed above not found. (Great Salt Lake) It is a remarkable lake. What are the lakes found in North America? >>

The interior of the USA is devoted to wheat and corn farming. The northern Gulf of Mexico and California are citrus fields. Wide in southern Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies sugar, coffee, cocoa, and banana plantations covering fields draws attention.






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    The largest of the lakes is Superior, which covers an area of ​​82,100 km2. is the lake

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