Are there larch trees in Canada?

Larch trees (Pinus Nigra Arnold.) are our pine tree species with a wide distribution. In terms of growth and growth height, they can grow at altitudes between 400 and 2100 meters. The trunks of the old larch trees (Pinus Nigra Arnold.) have deeply cracked, thick and gray-colored bark. Larch trees can grow up to 40 meters tall and have a trunk diameter of more than 1 meter. Larch trees (Pinus Nigra Arnold.) also have a smooth cylindrical trunk. The crown structure of larch trees tends to be small, but in high areas and dense stands it is narrow and small. The growth of larch trees is rapid in their young ages.

Does Larch Tree Grow in Canada?

Growth rate decreases with age. Larch trees (Pinus Nigra Arnold.) are a very industrious tree species in terms of soil requirements. Larch trees form a taproot system in deep soils and a heart root system in shallow and hard soils. It grows and develops well in moist, deep, heavy loam, sandy loam and loamy-sand soils. Pure larch forests (Pinus Nigra Arnold.) are mostly threatened by snow and fires. Storm damage is more dangerous on shallow soils and in areas of sparse growth. The larch tree has a high resistance to frost and drought as weather opposition. The wood of larch trees (Pinus Nigra Arnold.) is durable, hard, resinous and of high quality. It is also used as a building material because the wood of larch trees is easy to process. The area of larch trees in our country is approximately 4.500.000 hectares.

Can you prune a larch tree in Canada?

Are there larch trees in Canada

Pine tree pruning is done with a professional team. Unauthorized cutting and pruning of pine trees is prohibited. Pine Tree Pruning Pine trees can be pruned at any time if it is done properly. However, it is recommended to prune pine trees in the fall and late winter, unless there is a certain emergency and damage to the environment. Dry pine tree branch pruning; The tree should be saved by cutting it before it reaches a stage that is damaged for various reasons, showing signs of drying and damaging the trees and drying them all. If you want to have your pine trees pruned, you can call us. Pine trees are pruned and maintained. Pine saplings planting service is provided.

Growing pine trees in Canada

How to Grow Pine Trees? It is a tree species that is easy to grow and maintain. They can be produced using the seed method and grafting method. If it is to be planted as a seed, pine trees must have survived the cold period. If the cold period has not passed, sprouting may take a long time. Pine trees can be grown by planting the seeds in the cones in the soil. Can larch grow in Canada? Canada’s larch trees

The seeds of the pine tree are left in water for a day. This way they will germinate more easily. The seeds waiting in water are planted in pots. The depth of the pot used is important for the yield to be obtained from the tree. Tree roots grow more easily in a deep pot. One third of the soil should be clay or red soil. The same amount of river sand or animal manure should be added. The depth of the seed should not be too deep. Sprouting will be difficult if planted too deep.

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