Banana is a type of tropical fruit. There are close to 1000 varieties of the banana tree. It is known as the homeland of Southeast Asia. M.S. It is thought to have come to the Mediterranean around 650 BC. Banana Tree Latin Name; The Latin name of the banana tree is known as musa sapientum. What Is a Banana Tree? Information About the Banana Tree The banana tree is a tree with large, fan-shaped leaves that are harvested while the fruits are growing. As it can be grown all over the world, there are regions where it grows in our country. Banana Tree Features; A banana tree is a tree whose trunk is underground. The trunk that is above this trunk, above the ground, is also called pseudo-trunk. When the fruiting season of this stem comes, a stem and leaves emerge. The fruits of the banana tree also grow on this stem that comes out later.

How many types of banana trees are grown in the world?

Where Does the Banana Tree Grow? Banana tree is a type of tree that usually grows in the South Asian region, especially in tropical areas. Although it is most heavily grown there, it can be grown in other parts of the world with the same climate. How many types of banana in the world;

  • Australimusa:
  • Eumusa:
  • Rhodochlamusa:
  • MusaParadisiace:
  • GrossMichel:
  • Cavendish :
  • Cavendish :
  • Williams:
  • Robusta:
  • PisangMass :
  • Mysore:
  • Silk:
  • Pome:
  • PisangRaja:
  • Goldfinger:
  • Valery :
  • Ladyfinger :
  • Awak :
  • Nangka :
  • Rastali :
  • Berangan :
  • Masve :
  • GrandNain :

What is the nutritional value of banana? Banana nutritional value; In addition to having a nice aroma, banana fruit becomes important in many respects with its various nutritional values, vitamins and minerals. 100 g of banana has 79 calories, 34 kinds of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it contains important nutritional sources such as 79.02 grams of water, 0.55 grams of protein, 18.14 grams of carbohydrates, 0.11 grams of fat.

Information about the banana fruit tree

How many different types of banana trees are there?

Banana trees have an average lifespan of 30 years. In other words, it is a type of long-lived fruit tree. Banana tree is a herbaceous plant variety. In areas where bananas will be grown, the temperature difference between day and night is very important. Banana trees do not grow well in windy areas. The humidity in the air should not be below 60%, since the tropical climate likes the banana fruit as a growth feature. It is recommended that the soil structure be rich in components. In places with low water capacity, it is necessary to close this gap with an irrigation system. In the method of irrigation in the bowl and pan method of planting, a bowl-shaped pan should be prepared under the tree and water should be given. If it is in the form of irrigation by opening an arc, irrigation should be done by opening the arcs between the banana saplings and giving water to the arcs between the two rows. Harvested bananas need to wait for a while to ripen after being packaged.

When to Plant a Banana Tree?

The banana tree is a tree that loves warm climates. For this reason, it is planted especially in summer and when it is properly cared for, it gives healthy fruits. Suitable conditions for the growth of the banana tree cannot be created in a greenhouse environment today. In other words, the banana tree can only be grown in its natural environment.

Does Banana Tree Shedding Leaves? The banana tree can shed leaves in cold or very windy weather, especially in winter. But when the summer months, which the tree loves, come and the weather starts to warm up, the tree will become old again. Which variety of banana is best?

How to care for a banana tree?

Banana tree is a tree that needs to be watered regularly. For this reason, drip irrigation or similar methods are generally used. Because it is a tree that grows especially in hot regions and loves hot weather, it also requires a lot of water. Therefore, the bottom of the trees should be kept constantly moist during the summer months. In addition, in the periods before the trees start to bear fruit, the soil should be ventilated. This causes the tree to breathe more easily and its fruits to be of better quality. If the banana tree is properly cared for, the tree will grow fast and bear fruit earlier.

What Are the Benefits of the Banana Tree? The fruit of the banana tree creates a feeling of satiety due to its high fiber content. This is something that is especially needed by those who want to lose weight or those who are on wellness programs. At the same time, banana can be consumed for therapeutic purposes for heart health diseases. Banana tree facilitates digestion and helps to prevent intestinal problems.

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