Types of plants, trees and flowers Flowers What is the spiritual meaning of the lotus flower?

What is the spiritual meaning of the lotus flower?

What is the spiritual meaning of the lotus flower? post thumbnail image

In religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism in the past, the lotus flower, symbolizing cleansing your inner world and finding yourself, is similar to the lotus flower. This sacred flower is also known as a symbol of eternal life. The lotus flower is one of the symbols that we encounter the most and has a deep meaning. Being a member of the Nelumbonaceae family, the lotus has also taken its place in mythology. Regardless of the soil, the lotus plant, which lives on the water surface, has a fresh, clean and clear appearance.

How would you describe a lotus flower?

The lotus flower, which closes its leaves at night, begins to open with the sunrise and says hello to the sun. The lotus flower, which does not repel dust and dirt due to the structure of its leaves, always cleans itself and offers a pure and clear appearance. The most obvious difference between the lotus flower and the much likened lotus flower is that the lotus flower can reach up to 20 cm in length, while the lotus can reach up to 3 m. The lotus flower, which has different colors, is frequently encountered in works of art from different geographies in history.

What are Lotus Flower Colors and Meanings?

What does a purple lotus flower mean? What does a green lotus flower mean? What does a blue lotus represent? What does a black lotus flower mean? The different colors of the lotus flower have different meanings. In addition to the white lotus flower, which is the symbol of purity, there are also red lotus flowers, which are the symbol of love and passion. While the pink lotus flower represented enlightenment, the blue lotus flower was the symbol of wisdom.

What is the lotus flower used for?

What is the spiritual meaning of the lotus flower?

During the ancient Egyptians, the blue lotus flower was considered a sacred flower. The lotus flower, which is used in many religious ceremonies, was also used for sexual purposes by the Egyptian pharaohs. It is stated that the lotus flower has many properties that increase sexual power. Among the Egyptian Pyramids, the lotus flower has brought sexuality and many visuals represented together. It is stated that especially the blue lotus flower triggers sexuality with the effect of accelerating blood circulation.

The lotus plant also has a religious significance. It is also referred to as a flower associated with Buddhism. When you come to Buddhist temples, there are bodisatvas sitting in the Lotus position, devoting themselves to serving buddhism and smiling. Symbolizes rebirth in Egypt. The Egyptians used the Lotus flower a lot in their architecture, wall paintings, earth and metal works.

Can you tell me the benefits of lotus flower?

What is so special about the lotus flower? What is the power of the lotus flower? Is the lotus flower a drug? Do lotus flowers get you high?

  • Lotus flower has heart-strengthening properties.
  • With the scent of lotus flower, it has calming and sleep-inducing properties.
  • Lotus Flower is effective against germs and kills germs.
  • Lotus Flower is good for headache.
  • Lotus Flower is claimed to increase sexuality in men.
  • Lotus Flower is good for diarrhea.
  • It contains iron and phosphorus along with vitamins C and B.
  • It is used as a paste to moisturize the skin and make it look younger.

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