The main export of Uzbekistan is cotton. Uzbekistan is one of the world’s largest cotton producers and exporters. Cotton cultivation and the textile industry are significant components of Uzbekistan’s economy. Cotton fiber, as well as cotton products such as textiles and garments, make up a substantial portion of the country’s exports.

In addition to cotton, Uzbekistan exports other agricultural products, minerals, natural gas, metals, and textiles. The country’s export profile has been diversifying in recent years, with an emphasis on expanding its trading relationships with various countries and regions. However, cotton remains a key export commodity and an important source of revenue for the Uzbek economy.

What is the main export of Uzbekistan

What is the main export of Uzbekistan?

The main export of Uzbekistan is natural gas. Uzbekistan is one of the world’s significant producers and exporters of natural gas. This valuable resource plays a central role in the country’s economy and is a major source of revenue from international trade. In addition to natural gas, Uzbekistan also exports other commodities, including cotton, minerals, metals, textiles, and agricultural products. However, natural gas is the primary export product that contributes significantly to the country’s economic activity and trade balance.

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