How was the United States of America founded? As a result of the war between the 13 colonies in America and England between 1775-1783, England accepted defeat and the declaration of independence signed on 4 July 1776 was accepted as the date of independence of the country. State contracts were signed in 1788.

Why 50 stars on the US flag? The stars and stripes represented the 13 colonies that declared their independence from British colonisation. The American flag has 27 different versions today. The 50 stars on the latest flag represent the 50 states that make up today’s United States of America.

What is the United States famous for? The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the famous Hollywood sign, the magnificent buildings of Las Vegas; skyscrapers, endless highways, canyons, people having fun by the ocean, space shuttles, and universities offering high quality education are the images that immediately fill the minds with America.

What is American food culture? In the American culinary culture, where there are generally simpler types of food, breakfasts are made with simpler cereals, while lunches are passed with a coffee and a sandwich. While meat is usually consumed at dinner, vegetable varieties can also be eaten as an aperitif.

Capital: Washington DC. Religion: 73% Christian, 19.6% atheist, 1.7% Jewish, 5.6% other faiths. Form of Government Federal Republic, Founded: July 4, 1776, Currency: US Dollar, Population: 327.2. Most populous city: New York City. Surface area: 9,529,063 sq. km.

United States Geographical Location

North Atlantic and North Pacific The United States, Canada and It is located between Mexico. The country’s 8,893 km with Canada (2,477 km with Alaska including the border) and 3,141 km with Mexico It has a long border. It is the third largest in the world in terms of area. countries in the US, South America and Russia Half of the Federation, half of the African three tenths, twice the area of the European Union of land area. The highest point of the US territory is Mount McKinley at 6,198 meters and the lowest point is -86 meters. Death Valley. Plains and plains in the central regions, mountains in the west, hills and low mountains in the east, Alaska is characterized by wide valleys and rugged terrain formed by river beds, and Hawaii by volcanic geographical structure is observed.

Climate of the United Giants

What is the basic information about the United States

The United States of America has very different climates. East and west coasts mountain ranges prevent the oceans from influencing the climate of the interior, so these coastal The whole country has a continental climate, except for the stripes. The central parts are very high, There is not much temperature difference between seasons. The Appalachian Mountains are a major obstacle do not occur. Although low pressure dominates the central regions in summer although, since moist air from the ocean is not blocked by the Appalachians The central regions receive abundant rainfall during the summer season. There is less rainfall in the west. The southern part of the Atlantic Ocean coastline is relatively rainy and mild. However, the north is cooler and winters are very severe. Facing the Gulf of Mexico As the southern part is open and flat, the tropical climate prevails in these parts. This is where summers are hot and winters are mild. There is abundant rainfall in all seasons. The coastline of Alaska, Although it has a climate influenced by the sea, it is very severe inland. cold temperatures.

Political Landscape of the United States of America

The United States is a federal republic based on pluralist democracy and governed by a presidential system. The federal state structure comprises 50 federal states and the “District of Columbia”, which includes the capital Washington. Under the federal system, the duties, powers and responsibilities of the federal government and the state governments, which are free in their internal affairs, are defined in the Constitution.

The President and Vice-President, who are the heads of the executive branch, are elected for a 4-year term by a two-tier popular vote. The 15 Ministers appointed by the President and the Independent Agencies (Environmental Protection Agency, Council of Economic Advisers, United States Trade Representative, CIA, National Science Foundation, NASA, etc.), some of which are Cabinet members, are authorized on federal matters. Senior officials appointed by the President are confirmed by the Senate. The President has the power to veto laws passed by Congress.

Federal legislative power rests with Congress. Congress consists of the 435-member House of Representatives (TM), elected on the basis of population, and the 100-member Senate, with two members from each state. Members of the House of Representatives are elected for 2 years and Senators for 6 years. Constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress.

The Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the US and reviews the constitutionality of laws, is composed of a President and 8 members, who are appointed by the President for life and confirmed by the Senate.

The checks and balances mechanism, which ensures a balanced sharing of power and authority between the legislative, executive and judicial branches, guarantees the effective functioning of the system.

What is the climate type of America? Most of the United States of America is dominated by the continental climate. Therefore, daily day and night temperature differences are quite high in the country. In addition, winters are very cold and summers are very hot.

What is the basic information about the United States?

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