Beautiful flowers grow in gardens in Athens. We will give information about some easy-care flower types that can grow in Athens. What flowers grow in your garden or in pots in Athens. We will give information about annual and perennial plants and ornamental plants in Athens. In Athens, you can plant annual flowers in your garden or in pots. What plants are preferred at home, on the balcony and in the garden in Athens. Flower varieties that can be grown as annuals in Athens.

Annual flowers in Athens

  1. Alyssyum 
  2. Ageratum 
  3. Begonia 
  4. Closia 
  5. Gazania 
  6. İmpatiens 
  7. Portulaca 
  8. Pelargonium
  9. Petunia 
  10. Salvia 
  11. Tagates 
  12. Zinnia 

What are the garden plants of Athens?

Here are shrub or tree type plants to favor flowering plants in their gardens. The best flowers to grow in Athens >>

What plants grow in Athens, Alhens flowers
  • Bouganvillea
  • Cissus antartica
  • Clematis montana
  • Hedera helix
  • Bignonia venusta
  • Ipomea purpurea
  • Compsis radicans
  • Lonicera caprifolium
  • Polygonum baldshuanicum
  • Parthenosis quingifolia
  • Passiflora sp.
  • Thungbergia alata
  • Rosa sp.
  • Wisteria sinensis

What are the showy flowering plants that grow in Athens?

Rhododendron xhortorum, Saintpaulia ionantha Wandl, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Senecio xhybridus D.C., Hibiscus Rosa sinensis, Bouganvilla glabra, Sinningia speciosa Hier, Camellia japonica Nois, Fuchsia xhybridus, Lantana camara L., Primula malacoides, Hydrongea macrophylla, Lilium longiflorum, Pelergonium x hortorum, Cylamen persicum… The flowers of these plants are very good. It is especially grown in pots and balconies for its flowers and leaves. You can choose these to grow a showy flowering plant at home or in the living room in Athens. What plants grow in Athens Greece? >>

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