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What are the natural resources of Turkmenistan?

What are the natural resources of Turkmenistan? post thumbnail image

The Republic of Turkmenistan is located in the south of Central Asia, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Uzbekistan in the northeast, Kazakhstan in the northwest, Iran in the south and southeast It borders Afghanistan. With an area of ​​488,100 km, it is the largest of the group of independent states. fourth state. The Black Sand desert covers 80% of the country.

The three main rivers of the country are Ceyhun (Amudarya, 2,620 km), Tejen (1,150 km) and Murgab (978 km). The Karakum canal plays a vital role in the agricultural sector with its 1,100 km length. of the population half of it is concentrated on the canal bank. Turkmen Natural Gas >>

Natural resources of Turkmenistan

  • Oil,
  • Natural gas,
  • Sulfur
  • Salt (main natural resources.)
Natural resources of Turkmenistan

The country has significant gas and oil reserves. Major gas reserves of the country It is located in the Amuderya basin in the east. Gas reserves also near the Caspian Sea has. Turkmenistan ranks second after Russia in natural gas production is coming.

Turkmenistan presents ambitious projects for the development of hydrocarbon industry. By 2030, natural gas production will reach 250 billion cubic meters per year, and crude oil production will increase to 250 billion cubic meters per year. It is aimed to increase it to 110 million tons.

Water resources have been used inefficiently. Amuderya, the longest river in Central Asia, is located in Turkmenistan. passes to the east. In the south of the country, the Tedzhen river flows. However, these rivers Due to the fact that they are located on the borders of the country, only 3.5% of the country’s land is arable. Agricultural production is almost entirely based on irrigation. Faulty irrigation practices caused a large amount of water loss. Provision of free water to households is also wasteful use have contributed to the depletion of water resources. Turkmenistan’s most profitable natural resources >>

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