Bird’s milk is produced exclusively by the shedding of fatty tissue cells in the lamina epithelialis layer of the intestine of male and female pigeons. The production of bird’s milk is controlled by the pituitary gland hormone prolactin. Pigeon chicks are fed with it for a day or two after hatching. Is bird milk a thing? No, bird milk is not a thing in the way that milk is produced by mammals. Birds do not produce milk as mammals do. Instead, birds feed their young with a substance called “crop milk” or “pigeon milk.”

Crop milk is a secretion produced by the lining of the crop, a part of the digestive tract in some birds. Pigeons and doves are well-known for producing crop milk. The crop milk is regurgitated by the parent birds and fed to their chicks. It is a nutrient-rich fluid that provides essential nutrients, proteins, and fats to the developing chicks. While crop milk serves a similar purpose to mammalian milk in providing nutrition to the offspring, it is not a true milk produced by mammary glands. Only mammals, including humans, produce true milk from mammary glands to nourish their young.

What is bird's milk? Is there such a thing as bird's milk?
  1. Bird’s milk refers to the nutrient-rich secretion produced by parent birds, particularly pigeons, to nourish their young. This substance, known as pigeon milk, is exclusive nourishment for nestlings in the initial days after hatching, containing higher protein and fat compared to cow or human milk.
  2. In Central Europe, particularly Poland, there is a confectionery called Ptasie mleczko or Bird’s milk. It is a chocolate-covered bar with a soft marshmallow-like filling.
  3. Bird’s Milk Cake, or Ptichye Moloko, is a Russian dessert consisting of a delicate mousse covered in chocolate ganache, often garnished with berries.
  4. Ptasie Mleczko is also the name of a chocolate candy with a creamy marshmallow-meets-meringue filling, popularly known as “bird milk”.

Can you get milk from birds?

No, you cannot obtain milk from birds in the same way you obtain milk from mammals. Unlike mammals, birds do not have mammary glands, which are the specialized glands responsible for producing milk.

Birds, including those that produce “crop milk” such as pigeons and doves, do not have mammary glands. Instead, they produce a nutritious fluid called crop milk in their crops, which is a part of their digestive system. Crop milk is regurgitated by the parent birds and fed to their chicks to provide essential nutrients during their early stages of development.

Can you get milk from birds

If you are looking for milk, it’s typically derived from mammals such as cows, goats, sheep, or even non-dairy alternatives like almond, soy, or coconut milk. Bird milk is not a commercially available or consumed product.

Why is it called bird’s milk?

The term “bird’s milk” is not used to refer to an actual milk-like substance produced by birds. Instead, it might be a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the term “crop milk.”

Crop milk is a nutritious secretion produced by the lining of the crop, a part of the digestive system in some birds, particularly pigeons and doves. The name “crop milk” may have led to the misconception that birds produce something resembling mammalian milk. This substance is regurgitated by the parent birds and fed to their chicks as a nutrient-rich source of proteins, fats, and other essential nutrients during the early stages of development.

So, the term “bird’s milk” is not a scientifically accurate description of what birds produce. It’s more appropriate to use the term “crop milk” when referring to this unique substance produced by certain bird species.

What is bird milk chocolate?

Bird milk chocolate is not a specific type of chocolate; rather, it sounds like a playful or creative term. The name may have originated from a misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

In the context of chocolates, “milk chocolate” refers to a type of chocolate that contains milk powder, liquid milk, or condensed milk. It is one of the main categories of chocolate, along with dark chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate has a sweeter and creamier flavor compared to dark chocolate.

If you’ve come across the term “bird milk chocolate” in a specific context, it might be a novelty or artistic expression rather than a recognized chocolate category. Always check product labels for accurate descriptions of chocolate types and ingredients.

What is bird’s milk? Is there such a thing as bird’s milk?

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