The African violet flower, which can bloom in almost any color, can grow anywhere. It grows in a wide area, from small pots to gardens. African Violets can be found in a variety of places, African Violets also known as Saintpaulia ionantha, are typically grown in pots. It is a popular choice for a potted plant. The fact that African violet blossoms do not fade for a long time is one of the most fundamental reasons for their popularity. African violets are easy to grow and maintain. Tanzania is its home country. It has a herbaceous structure with heart-shaped leaves that are quite active. African violets bloom during the majority of the year. Do African violets need direct sunlight? Where is the best place to put an African violet? How do I get my African violet to bloom again?

How many African Violet varieties are there?

African Violet Species:

  1. Saintpaulia Amanuensis: The leaves of Sainpaulia Amanuensis are tiny, convex, pointed green, and gray hairy. The flowers are tiny and have vibrant color scheme. Because it is not highly resistant to direct sunshine, it is best to plant it or set it in a partially shaded area.
  2. Saintpaulia Confusa: Saintpaulia confuse has stiff, light green leaves with thicker serrated edges and a flat, hairy green underside. The flower’s center is darker, yet it is colored purple-blue and tiny.
  3. Saintpaulia Difficilis: The leaves are bright yellow and dense on Saintpaulia difficilis. Yellow-antennaed flowers have a striking bluish tint.
  4. Saintpaulia Dipotricha: The upper part of the leaf is reddish-purple, and the upper section of the leaf that is bent downward is purplish. It has short, erect, and lengthy hair on it. 
  5. Saintpaulia Pendula: The leaves are 3-5 cm long, thin, bright green, and serrated like petals on the upward curled edge. This dark purple flower is in diameter of 2.5 cm.
  6. Saintpaulia Tangwensis: This kind of African violet has bronze leaf with vivid green veins that are long and hairy. It blooms in a delicate purple color.
  7. Saintpaulia Shumensis: This flower has long white hairs and rounded, serrated edges characterize the thick fresh green leaves. Light gray, blue, or purple blossoms adorn the stems. It does not produce a lot of flowers.
  8. Saintpaulia Grotei: This kind has green leaves with serrated edges that are short and hairy. The flowers are pale purple-blue in hue and are tiny. It’s ideal for hanging baskets that are high in the air.

What Is The Best Way To Grow African Violets In Pots?

Bright places that do not receive direct sunlight are the preferred environment for African violets. The greenshouse glasses are cemented during summer cultivation, preventing direct sunlight from reaching the plant. The leaves droop if it’s caught too much light, while long, swollen stalks and few blooms are evident in too little light. İn the summer, the plant should be placed in front of a North or east facing windown. Windows facing West or South are ideal in the winter. Where should I put my African Violet?, How often do you water an African Violet?, Should I cut brown leaves off African Violet?, How do you take care of a potted violet?

African Violets

How should pot violets be?

African violets in pots should be kept in a bright location. It is critical to install African violets in a well-lit area if you want to grow them at home or inside. Place your pots in strategic locations, such as the front of the window, the front of the balcony, and so on. Has blossoms that endure for a longer period of time. African violets prefer bright, shady locations away from direct sunshine.

Saintpaulia ionantha: Violet prefers soil that is light and airy. This soil facilitates water movement and root propagation. Heavy soils and clays should be avoided when the plant is first planted and during repotting. Planting can be done on soil with a neutral pH or between 5-6,5. The soil should not include any lime. Although buds grow in very alkaline soil, they are shed without opening, resulting in weal and sickly roots. Flower colors are more brilliant in a slightly acidic environment. Violets reproduce >>

What Is the Best Way to Start Growing African Violets?

African violets are grown in three different ways: seed, cuttings, and tissue culture. Seed propagation is used to create new species for economic interests. It may take 7 to 10 months from sowing the seeds to blossoming, depending on weather circumstances, the type of seed used, and the material. While it is feasible to produce by leaf cuttings in a greenhouse at any time of year, the ideal seasons are spring and summer. Some species are simple to root, while others are more challenging.

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