Which plants will be preferred most in 2024 In particular, the use of indoor ornamental plants and flowers will increase. Which houseplants will be preferred in 2024? What are the flowers to be grown at home in 2024? Which leafy plants will be used in homes in 2024 Information about plants preferred at home in 2024. You can grow the most beautiful plants in your home by examining our plant suggestions for the home. Our suggestions for trendy flowers and ornamental plants that will grow in homes and living rooms in 2024. Not every plant grows indoors. You should prefer plants that grow indoors.

What is the 2024 houseplant of the year?

Here are the plants that will be preferred in indoor areas (home – living room – workplace) in 2024. What are flowering houseplants?

What house plants are trending in 2022
  • African violet; It has green, hairy and thick leaves in herbaceous character. The flowers are layered or single, the center is plain blue or lacy, and red or white in color.
  • Azalea; It is a plant that blooms abundantly both in winter and spring with its dark green leaves. The flowers are in every shade of red, pink or bicolor.
  • Bougainvillea spectablis; It can grow 4 to 12 meters tall. The leaves are heart shaped. Thorns appear on the stem. The flowers are small, white and inconspicuous. Birahtes are large and vibrantly colored.
  • Camellia japonica; They spread in the Far East and Asia. It is in the form of a small evergreen tree. It has rose-like, flat or doubled leaves. They bloom in white, pink or red colors. Flowering time is spring, some species bloom in winter.
  • Chinese rose; From mid-spring to autumn, trumpet-shaped red, pink, orange and yellow long-stalked simple or multilayered flowers bloom. The upper surface of the leaves is bright green, the lower surface is matte light green, egg-shaped, pointed, hairless, the edges are coarsely toothed.
  • Fuchsia; Originating in Central and South America, Fuchsia flowers are perennial plants that produce beautiful, exotic flowers. Pot cultivation is common in many parts of the world and generally.
  • Hydrangea macrophylla; There are about 80 species known naturally. It is green or evergreen in summer. There are also species in the form of climbing plants, especially in the tropics. However, they are usually shrub-shaped plants. The leaves are opposite, whole or sliced. Its flowers are white, blue, pink, red.
  • Pelargonium zonale; They are perennial plants that grow as creepers and wrappers, up to 1.5 m tall. It has segmented and veined, bright green, fragrant leaves. Its flowers are single or multilayered, varying in color from white to red.
  • Poinsettia; The plant can grow up to 60 cm-5 m. Its dark green leaves are large, long and pointed. Sepals are red, pink or white. Sepals are often mistaken for flowers. But the true flowers are very small, yellow and showy.
  • Vervain; It is an annual herbaceous plant that can grow 25-30 cm. It has beautiful-looking, green-colored leaves with toothed edges and shaped close to four corners. It has small star-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems that extend through these leaves. flowers; It is in the colors of blue, red, wine, pink, lilac. This year’s most popular indoor plants
2022 - 2023 trending plants

Trending plants for the home with beautiful leaves in 2024

We would like to offer some suggestions about plants that will be popularly preferred in 2024. You can grow these plants, which are preferred indoors, in your home or office. What is the 2024 houseplant of the year? What is the lucky plants in 2024? What house plants are in high demand? Are indoor plants still popular?

The most preferred houseplants in 2022
  1. Aralia
  2. Chinese cactus
  3. Codiaeum variegatum
  4. Dieffenbachia
  5. Ficus Elastica
  6. Hoya Carnosa
  7. Marantaceae
  8. Monstera deliciosa
  9. Nephrolepis
  10. Philodendron
  11. Pteridophyta
  12. Vinca
  13. Washingtonia robusta
  14. Zantedeschia

2024 trending houseplants; Which plants will be the most suitable for growing at home, which flowers and plants will be trending in 2024; which will be used. We will give you the names of the most preferred plants for the year 2024.

Trending plants for the home with beautiful leaves in 2022

I don’t have information on specific house plant trends for the year 2024. However, I can provide you with general trends and popular house plants up to 2023. Please note that trends in house plants can change, and newer varieties may become popular in the coming years.

As of 2024, some popular house plants include:

  1. Monstera deliciosa: Known for its unique and decorative split leaves, the Monstera is a favorite among plant enthusiasts.
  2. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata): This tall, dramatic plant with large, violin-shaped leaves has been a popular choice for interior decor.
  3. Succulents and Cacti: These low-maintenance plants come in various shapes and sizes, making them versatile for different spaces.
  4. Snake Plant (Sansevieria): Valued for its air-purifying qualities and resilience, the Snake Plant is a common choice for both beginners and experienced plant owners.
  5. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum): Known for its trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves, Pothos is easy to care for and can thrive in various conditions.
  6. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia): Resilient and tolerant of low light conditions, the ZZ Plant has gained popularity as an attractive and low-maintenance option.
  7. Calathea Varieties: Calathea plants, known for their decorative and often colorful foliage, have become trendy for indoor spaces.
  8. Alocasia: With striking, arrowhead-shaped leaves, Alocasia plants add a touch of drama to indoor gardens.

To find the latest house plant trends for 2024, you may want to check with horticultural and interior design sources, nurseries, and gardening communities as the year progresses. Social media platforms, especially Instagram and Pinterest, are often rich sources of inspiration and trends in the world of house plants. Additionally, attending local plant and gardening events or consulting with plant experts can provide insights into current and upcoming trends.

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