Plants and flowers beginning with the letter K

What are the Names of Plants, Flowers, Fruits Starting with the Letter K? Plants with Initial K. There are quite a large number of plants, fruits and flowers over the letter K. Resources over this letter can be used in different places for different purposes. Well, what are the names of plants, flowers, fruits starting with the letter K? We have compiled information about plants with the initial letter K for you.

What is a house plant that starts with K? One houseplant that starts with the letter “K” is the “Kalanchoe.” Kalanchoe is a popular succulent houseplant known for its colorful and long-lasting blooms. It is available in various cultivars and species, with vibrant flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. Kalanchoe plants have thick, fleshy leaves and are relatively easy to care for, making them suitable for indoor gardening. They can add a splash of color to your home or office space and are known for their ability to bloom even in low-light conditions.

What is a kalanchoe flower that starts with K? Kalanchoe plants are often referred to by their genus name, “Kalanchoe,” rather than specific flower names that start with the letter “K.” However, one popular Kalanchoe species that begins with the letter “K” is the “Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.” This species is known for its vibrant and long-lasting flowers that come in a range of colors, including red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. The Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a popular houseplant that can be found in many homes and gardens due to its attractive blooms and ability to thrive in indoor environments.

 flower names with K

List of flower names starting with K

Here are several flower names that start with the letter “K”:

  1. Kangaroo Paw
  2. Knapweed
  3. Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker)
  4. Kalanchoe
  5. Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate
  6. Kaffir Lily (Clivia)
  7. King Protea
  8. Knautia
  9. Kerria (Japanese Rose)
  10. Kalmia (Mountain Laurel)
  11. Knautia
  12. Kalmia (Mountain Laurel)
  13. Kigelia (Sausage Tree)
  14. Kamelia
  15. Kobus Magnolia

These are just a few examples of flower names beginning with “K.” There are many more flower species and varieties that may start with this letter.

Are there tree varieties beginning with K?

Yes, there are tree varieties that begin with the letter “K.” Here are a few examples:

  1. Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum): A deciduous tree known for its beautiful fall foliage and unique fragrance.
  2. Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus): A tall, deciduous tree native to North America, with compound leaves and large, seed pods.
  3. Korean Fir (Abies koreana): A compact evergreen tree with attractive dark green needles and purple cones.
  4. Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa): A small to medium-sized deciduous tree known for its showy, white or pink bracts that surround its true flowers.
  5. Kentucky Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea): A medium-sized deciduous tree with fragrant, drooping clusters of white flowers in spring.
Are there tree varieties beginning with K

These are just a few examples of tree varieties that start with “K.” There are more tree species and cultivars with names beginning with this letter. What are popular plant names starting with the letter k? >>


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