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Aplant everyday Getting to know new plants can be fun. There are many plants that you pass by everyday and whose names you don’t know. Now, how about getting to know a new plant every day? Then you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at the plants that are most common around us and whose names you don’t know. In alphabetical order, we will review a plant that is popular for every day or that you will learn about for the first time. Thus, you will witness the life of a plant.

Information about a plant every day

We will write some plants in order according to the English alphabet. To get information about the plant, it will be enough to examine it. We will put the best plants in 365 days. Each year these plants will change. So in the new year we will examine the New plants. Yes this is a good idea. Many things will change in the world, but plants have to live as long as humans exist. If there are no plants, people will perish. Let’s love plants. Let’s protect the plants. Let’s not let the forests disappear. Everyone loves green, so let’s take a step today to live together with green trees tomorrow… A plant everyday, Let’s protect nature. No matter what age you are, buy a sapling in a few days and bring it together with the soil. Let it be your tree.

Information about a flower Every Day

What comes to mind when you think of plants? tree? flower? Or is everything that comes out of the soil a plant!!! No matter how bad we have done, the soil is generous and every bud that blooms in spring has a story. a new plant every day >>

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