Purple flowers and their meanings

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There are many different plants that you can choose to add colour to your balconies and gardens. One of these plants is the eye-catching purple coloured plants. Purple is a very strong and popular colour. It expresses many things to people. Purple flowers, which have emotional and relaxing effects, also reveal elegance and richness. At the same time, that beautiful colour also contains healing effects. What are the names of purple flowers We have compiled for you with all the details.

You can grow beautiful purple coloured flowering plants in gardens, pots and balconies. Like every plant, you can place purple coloured plants, which have very important benefits, in every corner of your home. The most well-known purple flowers are lavender, lilac, purple hyacinth, purple rose, purple violet, purple violet, marigold, etc.

Names of the Most Popular Purple Flowers

We will examine the purple coloured plants, the names of purple flowers and information about purple flowers below. All purple coloured flowers can grow in pots, in the garden, in landscaping areas and in their natural environment. Purple flowers represent my love, purple flowers are sent to whom and why? You can find all the information such as the care of purple flowers in our article. Purple flower names and all purple coloured plants and flowers are as follows;

  • Tulipa (Liliaceae): Purple tulip is a seasonal flower, bulbous plant. The leaves, which grow from near the root, are ribbon-like, green in colour, narrow or broad. It has simple or tiered flowers that bloom at the end of a sturdy stem in spring. While in natural species they are yellow, purple and red, in cultivated species they are plain and variegated in many colours, even navy blue coloured tulip flowers close to black have been obtained.
Purple flower names
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  • Rhododendron: The purple rhododendron is a flowering tree from the rhododendron family. This flower grows in forested areas. It is known as a shrub type plant. It has a very nice odour. It grows naturally on its own. The flowers are mostly visited by bees to make honey.
purple flowers, purple plants
purple flowers, purple plants
  • lilium candidum: Purple Lily flower is a very durable plant. It has a robust structure and a long stem. If the lily flower, which is a perennial plant, is taken care of, it will accompany you for many years. It has many colour varieties. Since each colour of the lily flower carries different meanings, it will be useful to pay attention to their meanings when sending gifts. Lilies, which attract attention with their scent in their environment, have a very pleasant scent. The leaves of the lily flower are short and fleshy.
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  • Hyacinthus: Purple flowers symbolise forgiveness, apology or intense remorse. It is a member of the genus Hyacinthus and a member of the family Hyacinthaceae. Before being included in this group, it was classified as a species within the large family Liliaceae. Hyacinth is a flower found extensively in Mediterranean countries, the Middle East and Central Asia. It is generally native to Mediterranean regions.
What are the purple flowers called
  • Syringa: Homeland : Western Asia, Southern Europe and Turkey It is a purple blooming plant special for outdoors. It is included in seasonal flowers. Description: Shrubs or shrubs with about 30 species, deciduous in winter. Leaves are opposite, petiole, rarely lobed, heart-shaped. The flowers are at the end of the last shoots on 2-year branches and have a cylindrical pyramidal appearance with the union of many flowers. It is a very frequently used plant in landscaping of parks and gardens.
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  • Thymus Serpyllum:It is a naturally growing plant species with purple flowers. Mountain thyme, which is among the medicinal plants, is a natural antibiotic. Mountain thyme, whose health benefits are countless, is also used to flavour meals. Nutritional value is very high. It contains many useful vitamins and minerals. The water, oil and tea of thyme, which comes from the mint family, is also a great healing store. Thyme water especially supports in relieving menstrual pain. Thyme oil is good for hair and skin. We have compiled for you the benefits of mountain thyme, whether it is good for cough, what stone thyme does, how it is consumed.
Purple flowers and their meanings
  • Petunia: Petunia is a member of the Solanaceae family, the family of many species as different as tomatoes and potatoes. Although some Petunias are perennial, the hybrids produced and sold today are usually annuals. It is a plant known for its beautiful and vividly coloured flowers. It has a very branched structure and has small hairs on the leaves. In order for this flower to develop, it should be planted in places with good sunshine. It is mostly grown in the southern parts of the USA and Mediterranean countries.
Purple flower names from A to Z
  • Primulaceae: There are species that bloom in purple colours. Homeland is China. It is known as twelve moon flower. It is a plant that does not like too much water. When planting a plant, you need to plant it at certain intervals. It can grow on balconies, indoors and gardens. It is a perennial plant that grows easily on the sides of the mountains and in the countryside. The leaves are arranged in a rosette near the base and have a fine dense hairy structure. The upper surfaces of the long oval leaves are wrinkled. Evening primrose tea, evening primrose oil, evening primrose jam and syrup are produced.
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  • French hydrangea: Some species have purple colours, although other colours are also available. The hydrangea flower actually grows most luxuriantly in gardens. So if you have a garden, you don’t need to prepare an extra growing space. If you want to grow the flower that loves large areas at home, you should prefer large pots. Under-pot saucers will be useful for disposing of excess water. It is easy to create a space for hydrangeas that can grow in any soil type. It is enough to make sure that the soil is not too alkaline. It is a very common plant species used in balconies and gardens. It is useful to plant it in places that receive sunlight. In the pot, it should receive sunlight at certain times of the day. In winter, watering is done once a week. In summer, watering is not done too often.
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  • Buddleja davidii: This plant, whose homeland is China, got its name because it attracts butterflies. It is a shrub-shaped plant that can grow 3-4 metres tall. It has a semi-woody stem. It grows well in humus and well-drained soils rich in organic matter. Flowering is observed between June and September. It is a plant species with purple coloured flowers. It can grow up to 4 metres. It is a shrub and woody plant species. Flowering starts in summer and continues until the end of September.
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Plant names with purple flowers?

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  1. Ajuga
  2. Primrose
  3. Mountain Thyme
  4. Butterfly Bush
  5. Lavender
  6. Violet
  7. Purple Avu
  8. Purple Crocus
  9. Purple Tulip
  10. Purple Lilac
  11. Purple Hyacinth
  12. Hydrangea
  13. Petunia
  14. Forgetmabeni
  15. Lily

Are purple flowers romantic?

Purple Flower Meaning, Purple is a colour of love. However, it is a symbol of a humble love, a distant but deep love, not an overflowing, full love as in red flowers. For this reason, the purple flower expresses a better love than the red flower. The purple orchid, a species that is not always available, symbolises nobility and is used to show affection at very large celebrations, developments or to show affection to people who are held in high esteem. Thanks to its durability and permanence, it also shows that nobility is long-lasting.

Purple hyacinths are popular with lovers and couples. They have special meanings because they express deep devotion and attraction. At the same time, purple hyacinths also carry a special apology meaning when asking for forgiveness and help in these moments. Even when there are great resentments, purple hyacinths provide half with their pleasant scent to ask for forgiveness.