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Do figs grow in Switzerland?

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atin name Ficus It is known as carica. The fig tree takes its name from the Caria civilization that lived in the Southern Aegean region. Fig trees do not bloom like other fruit trees. The fruit of the fig is actually a kind of indoor flower and A fig tree develops either only female flowers or only male flowers. Figs are consumed both fresh and dried. Approximately 60% of the world dried fig production It is produced in Turkey. When is a fig tree planted in Switzerland? Fig seedlings are the most suitable, winter rest period between (leafless) and spring water walking can be planted in the period. In places where it is not cold in winter Autumn planting may be preferred.

Where is the homeland of the fig tree? 

Fig culture is cultural fruits in Anatolia dating back to as old as human history. It is one of the fruits with the oldest development history. The homeland of figs is Turkey. From there it spread to Syria, Palestine and then to China and India via the Middle East. In which countries are the most figs grown in the world? An ordered list of the top fig producing countries.

  1. Turkey
  2. Egypt
  3. Iranian
  4. Morocco
  5. Algeria
  6. Syria
  7. America
  8. Spain
  9. Tunisia
  10. Italy
  11. Brazil

How to prune a fig tree in Switzerland?

Do figs grow in Switzerland?

Especially in the first 3 years after planting, Pruning should be given due importance. Fig tree pruning in winter; During the entire rest period after the trees have shed their leaves and It is generally held in January-February. Fig tree pruning in summer: It is the pruning done in summer (May, June, July). Fig tree pruning should be done in addition to processes such as soil processing, fertilization and irrigation, in order to obtain higher quality and more products for those who grow figs. Fig tree pruning has very beneficial effects. It leads to the elimination of many problems of breeders. Pruning should be done regularly every year. Can fig trees grow in Switzerland? Fig Tree Switzerland

What Is The Fig Tree, Where And How Does It Grow? Fig Tree Features

The fig tree is a type of tree from the mulberry family that grows in temperate climates. It doesn’t like the cold. The roots of the fig tree can rise to the surface of the soil. Since it is a tree species that lives for many years, its roots can also be strong and thick. Fig trees can live for hundreds of years. The Latin name of the fig tree is ficus carica. Fig Tree Properties in Switzerland; Fig trees are of two types, male and female. The main task of male fig trees is to provide pollination and facilitate the reproduction of the species. Therefore, its fruits are small. The task of female fig trees can be thought of as fruit bearing. For this reason, large and delicious figs are obtained from these trees. Fig tree Switzerland >>

When to Plant a Fig Tree in Switzerland; October and May should be preferred for planting fig seedlings and cuttings. These are the times of the year when the best results will be obtained in fig planting.

What Are the Benefits of the Fig Tree?; The fruits of the fig tree are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Figs, which have many contributions to human health, are consumed fresh and dried.

What Does the Fig Tree Do and Where Is It Used? Fig Tree Usage Areas; Fig fruit lowers cholesterol, gives a feeling of satiety with its fibrous structure and makes the intestines work, strengthens bones, is good for anemia, prevents breast and colon cancer, works the digestive system, prevents constipation. Figs, which are very rich in vitamins and minerals, contribute to the completion of deficiencies in the body and improve general health.

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