The Crown of Thorns flower is a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. This plant, which originates from South Africa, has many different species. It usually blooms in red, pink, white and yellow colors. Since its leaves are prickly, it needs to be carefully cared for. Where should the crown of thorns flower stand in winter? If the environment in which it is located is in a situation with little light, its leaves will be feeble. One of the factors that directly affects the plant is the ambient temperature. The crown of thorns flower has a structure that can withstand up to -10 degrees.

What kind of environment does the crown of thorns flower like? Euphorbia Milii is a plant with a thorny stem. The reason for these thorns is for water retention and climbing to reach the sun. They love places with lots of light and are among the indoor and outdoor ornamental plants that have been widely cultivated among the public since ancient times. It will bloom in a bright and sunny environment.

Where does the Crown of Thorns grow in America

Is the crown of thorns on the balcony? Characteristics of the crown of thorns flower. Quantity of the flower on sale – 1 red crown of thorns flower is sent. Deciduous characteristic – It sheds its leaves in winter. Continues to bloom its flowers. Where to plant the crown of thorns flower – In the garden, greenhouse, balcony, patio, conservatory.

How many colors is the crown of thorns? The Crown of Thorns, one of the succulents used in families in America for a long time, comes in yellow, red, white and bicolor colors in addition to the familiar pink.

How to care for the crown of thorns?

If it is in a humid environment, it meets its own moisture needs. It should be in sunny and bright environments. It blooms if it sees an average of 6-7 hours of sun a day. In places with hot and dry climates, it is also necessary to moisturize the leaves.

How to Care for a Crown of Thorns in Pots in the USA

Tips for caring for the crown of thorns flower

The environment where the flower is located should be sunny. In addition, the soil may need to be aerated periodically. When excessive watering is done, the roots may rot. It is necessary to pay attention to the following during care; Water should not be given before the soil dries. Calcareous water can damage the structure of the flower. Less water should be given between November and April. It is healthy to give fertilizer between April and September.

Characteristics of the Crown of Thorns Flower

The crown of thorns flower is known for being easy to care for. In addition, this flower is resistant to dry air. It has the ability to grow where many flowers do not grow. When the roots start coming out of the water holes, the pot needs to be changed. This flower can be easily reproduced. A moderate watering is sufficient.

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